Eurovision’s Rylan Clark sees ‘more drama than X Factor’ in The Archers cameo

Rylan Clark has said he saw “more drama” than on The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother “put together” when he made a special appearance on long-running Radio 4 soap The Archers.

The Eurovision Song Contest-themed episode on Friday sees the presenter arrive in the fictional village of Ambridge when his navigation system stops working.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner – who rose to fame when he competed on music competition The X Factor in 2012 – is on his way to see Lynda Snell at B&B Ambridge Hall when he meets father and son David and Ben Archer.

He is staying in the area to take part in the village’s Eurovision Variety Show.

Eurovision 2023
Rylan Clark (left) recorded a special Eurovision Song Contest-themed episode of BBC Radio 4’s The Archers (Andrew Smith/BBC/PA)

Clark says: “You know how much I love Eurovision and when I heard what you were doing, the show, the viewing, all of that. I had to get involved.”

The presenter also runs into his “mate” and Archers character Mick who he met four years ago while doing a job, and previously did a tango with on a night out.

Confrontation then happens when Snell asks a long-time resident to vacate their room to make way for Clark.

Snell says: “They invited you to stay here at Brookfield… a dishonourable suggestion and I’m sorry Ben but I have gone to great effort to ensure that Ambridge Hall has the necessary ‘je ne sais quoi’ to accommodate someone with Mr Clark’s status.”

Eurovision 2023
Rylan Clark poses with an Ambridge Village Noticeboard while recording BBC Radio 4’s The Archers (Andrew Smith/BBC/PA)

She accuses the Brookfield Farm residents of carrying out “nothing short of a kidnapping” and asks Clark to “leave this nest of treachery” with her.

Clark says: “Come on. What (are you) doing? The pair of (you). I’ve come here for a bit of fun. Honestly, (if I want to see) people tear lumps out of each other, I go down the pub on north London derby day, you know what I mean?”

Mick then offers for him to stay at his partner Joy’s before leaving with him.

When urged to stay, Clark says: “I think it’s probably for the best, to be fair there’s more drama in here than (The X Factor) and Celebrity Big Brother put together. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

Clark’s appearance on the show is one of many celebrity cameos, with Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench, council worker Jackie Weaver, who became a social media sensation, and the Queen appearing during previous episodes.