Eurovision viewers slam 'ridiculous change to the rules' in same complaint

Stage with Start Voting Now sign on stage
Eurovision fans were not happy -Credit:Getty

Eurovision viewers had the same complaint when the final of the biggest song contest got into full swing. It was announced early on in tonight's show (Saturday, May 11) that voting lines would be open from the beginning and before all of the acts had performed.

UK host Graham Norton explained: "There is a big change this year. Voting will open before the first song. You can vote for songs before they've performed them."

The popular TV entertainer joked: "I can try and explain that but why bother?" Your head will hurt. Just lean into it."

He reminded viewers later: "Tonight lines will open before the very first song and you can vote for your favourite as soon as you like. No waiting around

But Eurovision fans and social media users were not happy, calling the rule change 'ridiculous.' @NichStarling commented on Twitter/ X: "How can voting lines already be open for #EUROVISION before all the songs have been performed? That’s a ridiculous change to the rules."

And @Matiasisback wrote: "Why are voting lines open before the songs? Makes no sense!" @DailyNickNews added: "What the heck is the point of the competition if you open the voting lines before the actual contest?!"