Eurovision winner Nemo smashes trophy minutes after winning and viewers all make the same joke

Nemo and the broken trophy -Credit:BBC
Nemo and the broken trophy -Credit:BBC

Just minutes after collecting the Eurovision 2024 trophy, and literally seconds after Graham Norton's voiceover declared "don't break the trophy", Switzerland's Nemo smashed the glass microphone gong into two.

The 25-year-old singer gave an ecstatic performance of their winning song after being declared winner and viewers at home heard an audible crack as they landed the trophy on the floor at the very end of the performance.

After hearing that they'd scored 591 points in total, from jury and viewers at home, Nemo hurried down to the stage to perform their winning song, The Code. A fan favourite, and that of their fellow performers, Ireland's Bambie Thug could be seen congratulating Nemo before putting a crown of thorns on their head.

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Nemo led the jury vote for much of the results portion of the evening and collected the trophy from last year's winner, Loreen. Their music deals with themes such as gender identity, mental health and finding one‘s place in this world.

During rehearsals and the main performance, Nemo performed an impressive balancing act on a spinning surface, and as they didn't do this in the song reprise they probably thought they were safe holding onto the trophy. To be fair, Nemo didn't drop it, but just appeared to place it on the ground and it snapped. Fans at home noticed too, one wrote: "they literally broke the code and then the trophy what a legend!!"

A second said: "Nemo broke the code. Now he’s broke the trophy!!!" And another with the same joke wrote: "They broke the code and the trophy as well."