Eurovision's Bambie Thug issues new message as Graham Norton warns viewers

Bambie Thug
Bambie Thug missed rehearsals earlier today but pulled out all the stops for the final -Credit:Eurovision

Irish singer and Eurovision Song Contest participant Bambie Thug issued a message at the end of their performance. On Saturday's final (May 11), they said: “love will always triumph hate."

There was a question mark over whether the act would perform after they missed their dress rehearsal following a “situation” which required “urgent attention” from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). On their Instagram story earlier, they wrote: “Dear Coven, There was a situation while we were waiting to go to stage for the flag parade rehearsal which I felt needed urgent attention from the EBU – the EBU have taken this matter seriously and we have been in a discussion about what action needs to be taken.

“This means I have missed my dress rehearsal – I am really sorry to the fans that have come to see me. I hope to see you on the stage tonight.” A statement from the European Broadcasting Union said: “We are just looking into it.”

But the Ireland entry did perform in the end. TV presenter Graham Norton, who is providing commentary for BBC coverage, said the singer, who performed with their song Doomsday Blue, is “tipped to do extremely well”.

He said: “I’m not a parent, but I might warn you that younger kids, I mean seriously, might find this next performance a little bit frightening. Bambie Thug, such a great performer and Ireland have done a very good job of production this year and this is tipped to do extremely well.”