Eurovision's Olly Alexander places 18th for UK after receiving zero public points

British singer Oliver Alexander Thornton aka Olly Alexander representing the United Kingdom with the song "Dizzy" performs during the dress-rehearsal on the eve of the final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2024 on May 10, 2024 at the Malmo Arena in Malmo, Sweden.
Olly Alexander finished up with 46 points in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest final. -Credit:TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

The Eurovision Song Contest came to a dramatic end during Saturday evening's grand finale with the UK coming in at 18th place after 25 acts battled it out to win the iconic glass microphone trophy.

Olly Alexander delivered a live performance of his track, Dizzy at the Malmö Arena in Sweden on behalf of the UK before Swiss singer Nemo Mettler was crowned as this year's winner.

However, the 33-year-old's singing and dancing was unfortunately not enough to impress the rest of Europe as he brutally received zero points from the public.

The Years & Years singer, who scored a total of 46 points from jurors had a difficult time on the competition after coming under fire for his vocals during his semi-final performance earlier this week as viewers said he was "off-key".

The star, who hails from North Yorkshire, took over from last year's performer, Mae Muller, who placed second from the bottom.

olly looking sad
Olly had been urged to quit the show -Credit:BBC

Nemo Mettler was crowned the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest winner, closely followed by Croatian singer, Baby Lasagna.

Olly was previously urged to "do the right thing" and drop out of the competition due to Israel's participation in the Eurovision finals amidst the ruthless bombardment of Palestine by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite previously signing a letter condemning Israel as an "apartheid regime" prior to his announcement as the UK's contestant in December, Alexander has faced criticism from fans and activists for not withdrawing from this year's event.

Demonstrating his support for the Palestinian people last October, Olly called for a halt to the hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza.

A letter from LGBT group Voices4London, which Olly supported, labelled Israel as an 'apartheid regime' accused of attempting to "ethnically cleanse" Palestinian territories.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions ( BDS ) movement, a Palestinian-led movement encouraging boycotts, divestments, and economic sanctions against Israel, urged Eurovision fans, hosts, performers and workers to boycott this year's contest and urged viewers not to tune into Saturday night's live final.

Olly has responded to calls for his withdrawal in his recent BBC documentary and appeared to be overcome with emotion while he addressed the controversy and backlash.

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