Evan Ross shares secret to 10-year marriage to Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross says the secret to his happy 10-year marriage to Ashlee Simpson is enjoying each other's company.

The couple got engaged in 2014 and married later that year and they are going to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in August - and Evan has admitted their love is pretty simple.

He told PEOPLE: "I think that we love each other, and it's meant to be. And we enjoy each other's company, and we love our children."

The couple are parents to Jagger Snow, eight, and son Ziggy Blu, three, together and they also have Ashlee's 15-year-old son Bronx Mowgli from her previous marriage to Pete Wentz.

Evan went on to admit he enjoys planning trips with his wife and they try to keep their relationship "exciting".

Ashlee previously revealed they have big plans for their anniversary because it coincides with two big birthdays.

Evan told the outlet: "We have big things coming up at the end of the year. It's our 10-year anniversary, I turn 40, my son [Bronx] turns 16.

"We always celebrate and have the best time, but I feel like it doesn't have to just be that day. It's finding those moments, which my husband's so good at.

"I feel like if we haven't had a moment, [he'll] take me to a hotel or [if] we've been in kid land, he'll surprise me with a nice together alone moment, which is nice."

She also explained how Evan keeps their relationship exciting, telling E! News: "That friendship is so deep and it's so amazing.

"He surprises me and he takes me to do fun things, so I feel like those moments where you step outside of just parenting and connect is so nice."

Ashlee went on to insist that being good parents also helps their marriage, saying: "Just to listen to your kids and follow what they're wanting and needing."