Even Maria Bartiromo Has Had Enough of Nancy Mace’s Act

Fox Business
Fox Business

Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo has clearly had enough with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) and her endless feud with Kevin McCarthy, scolding the MAGA lawmaker on-air for not letting it go.

Mace appeared Thursday on Mornings with Maria to discuss House Republicans’ flailing effort to impeach President Joe Biden and questioned whether Mace supported Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson from his post. Mace, one of eight Republicans who voted to boot McCarthy from the speakership, took the opportunity to bash the former GOP leader—quickly rankling the previously cordial Fox host.

“Mike Johnson was dealt a bad hand,” Mace started. “The former speaker, disgraced former speaker—”

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“Kevin McCarthy is not disgraced,” an irritated Bartiromo shot back, throwing her hands up in frustration at the South Carolina congresswoman’s apparent vendetta.

Mace tried to defend her characterization, painting McCarthy as a liar who made “a lot of bad deals” during his time as speaker, including the debt ceiling deal Mace once supported before she eventually opposed it when it became a bipartisan effort. Bartiromo, clearly annoyed with Mace’s posturing, tried to ask the congresswoman whether she’d support additional funding to Ukraine—but Mace continued complaining about her primary challenger, whom she alleged to have been a McCarthy “puppet.”

Finally, Bartiromo had enough.

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“Don’t you think you should all stick together in some ways?” Bartiromo said in an exasperated tone. “You are hanging on by a thread in the majority. When are you actually going to unite as a party and get things done?”

Mace said she agreed, before once again railing against her favorite target. “That’s why Kevin McCarthy should not go after fellow Republicans that can win in general elections in purple seats,” she said.

“He’s not even there yet and you’re still blaming Kevin McCarthy!” Bartiromo fired back, talking over Mace before ending the interview altogether.

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