Will we ever see Pearl again? The 'Drag Race' star opens up about the traumas of 'gay fame'

Drag Race Pearl traumatized by gay fame
Drag Race Pearl traumatized by gay fame

Anyone who’s a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race knows the fandom can be a little… intense sometimes. Even in the most recent season, top four finalist Q wound up deleting her Twitter after fans came for one of her winning looks during an episode in the middle of the season.

Q is not the first queen to have been harassed by fans, and unfortunately will also likely not be the last.

As more time passes between their seasons, former stars open up a little more about their time on the show, as well as why some of them went on to quit drag after their time on TV.

One fan-favorite who seemingly went missing after her time on the show was none other than season seven’s Pearl, who may be most known for her iconic “Do I have something on my face?” quote that remains just as gag-worthy ten years later as it did when she said it in the first place.

Over the last weekend, Pearl took to her Instagram account to address fan’s inquisitions about if or when she will ever tour again as Pearl, saying that traveling and gay fame actually “traumatized” her.


“There’s something about me that like triggers people,” she wrote. “It’s led to a lot of scary and unpredictable behavior that idk how to navigate.”

Among the behavior, she says, is drinks thrown on her, being stolen from and groped, people trying to pull off her wig and physically attack her, and even people who have stalked her.

Outside of the fans, even her own team seemingly had it out for her. She said, “I’ve had show handlers sexually harass me, not pay me, show up wasted or go MIA. My managers were like insane, developed feelings for me, sabotaged me, stolen tens of thousands, and so much worse.”



Besides what happens to her face-to-face, the online vitriol has also kept her at bay, especially when people “leak private photos, criticize every inch of my body” and wish she wasn’t alive anymore.

She said all that she’s been through has turned her into a mistrusting person and that other Drag Race stars don’t seem to understand her.

Although she reassures that she is no victim, she does admit that if she were to change one thing, it would have been her Hey Kween interview back in 2018 where she said RuPaul had “broken” her spirit with how she was treated during her time on the show.


PEARL on Hey Qween! Beach House with Jonny McGovern | Hey Qween

At the end, she admits she’s had plenty of growth opportunities and now has “the most peaceful and fulfilling life,” where she documents her life on Instagram and on OnlyFans.

“I’ve realized there’s no point trying to please ppl, I’ll always be sh*t in some ppl’s eyes and that’s ok.”


No truer words ever spoken.

We’ll miss Pearl as the Pearl we knew and loved, but we’re also happy to have an update on her absence and wish her all the best in her endeavors.