Every cancelled and delayed flight from Manchester Airport on Friday, June 14

Thousands will fly from Manchester Airport today
-Credit: (Image: Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News)

Manchester Airport is gearing up for another busy day as a major football tournament kicks off in Germany. Euro 2024 begins tonight (June 14) with the hosts taking on Scotland in Munich.

And excitement is building ahead of England's opener against Serbia on Sunday, which will take place in Gelsenkirchen. Football fans will be among the thousands travelling from Manchester Airport throughout the day.

They will be joined by holidaymakers from across the North, including many who will be looking for warmer weather than we're currently seeing in the UK. Manchester Airport links our city with around 200 destinations worldwide.

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Many passengers will have a smooth experience from start to finish. But for some, delays and cancellations could get in the way of their travel plans.

Airlines recommend that travellers check the latest updates before they arrive at the airport. Below is the full list of today's cancelled flights from Manchester Airport, and flights that are delayed by at least 30 minutes, using data from flightradar24.com.

Cancelled flights

  • 7.45am easyJet U29004 to London

Flights delayed by 30 minutes or more

  • 5.55am Air France AF1269 to Paris - departed 6.41am

  • 5.55am easyJet U22055 to Thessaloniki - departed 6.28am

  • 6am TUI BY2508 to Chania - departed 6.44am

  • 6.10am Jet2 LS825 to Ibiza - departed 6.43am

  • 6.10am Jet2 LS1729 to Dalaman - departed 6.51am

  • 6.15am TUI BY2504 to Zakynthos - departed 6.55am

  • 6.15am easyJet U22267 to Gibraltar - departed 7.56am

  • 6.20am Jet2 LS1025 to Heraklion - departed 7am

  • 6.25am Ryanair FR3242 to Beziers - departed 9.18am

  • 6.35am SmartLynx BY2548 to Alicante - departed 8.19am

  • 6.55am Lufthansa LH2505 to Munich - departed 7.46am

  • 6.55am TUI BY2572 to Corfu - departed 7.39am

  • 7am British Airways BA1385 to London - departed 7.31am

  • 7.05am Jet2 LS1739 to Skiathos - departed 7.37am

  • 7.05am TUI BY2560 to Tenerife - departed 8.04am

  • 7.15am easyJet U22013 to Alicante - departed 7.54am

  • 7.20am Jet2 LS1707 to Corfu - departed 8.13am

  • 7.20am easyJet U22211 to Porto - departed 9.32am

  • 7.25am AirTanker LS17775 to Palma de Mallorca - departed 8.01am

  • 7.30am TUI BY2526 to Skiathos - departed 8.08am

  • 7.30am easyJet U22019 to Palma de Mallorca - departed 8.07am

  • 7.40am Jet2 LS863 to Mahon - departed 8.12am

  • 7.45am easyJet U22151 to Istanbul - departed 8.16am

  • 7.55am TUI BY2518 to Corfu - departed 9.47am

  • 8am easyJet U22143 to Dalaman - departed 9.07am

  • 8am Juneyao Air HO8888 to Shanghai- estimated departure 4pm

  • 8.05am Eurowings EW9341 to Dusseldorf - departed 8.38am

  • 8.10am Aer Lingus EI203 to Dublin - departed 8.42am

  • 8.15am Jet2 LS809 to Malaga - departed 8.47am

  • 8.15am Jet2 LS947 to Naples - departed 9.05am

  • 8.25am easyJet U22061 to Corfu - departed 9.23am

  • 8.25am easyJet U23836 to Milan - departed 8.55am

  • 8.25am Aer Lingus EI3611 to Belfast - departed 9.34am

  • 8.35am Ryanair FR6895 to Brindisi - departed 9.16am

  • 8.45am Ryanair FR2821 to Chania - departed 9.27am

  • 8.50am Swiss LX391 to Zurich - departed 9.22am

  • 8.55am KLM KL1030 to Amsterdam - departed 9.37am

  • 10.10am TUI BY156 to Punta Cana - departed 11.19am

  • 10.10am Air France AF1669 to Paris- detparted 11.26am

  • 10.25am Ryanair FR1249 to Tenerife - departed 11am

  • 10.45am Ryanair FR641 to Valencia - departed 11.16am

  • 10:45am Turkish Airlines TK1994 to Istanbul -departed 11:43 am

  • 11:30am Ryanair FR36 to Carcassonne -departed 1.13pm

  • 11.45am easyJet U292 to Belfast - departed 12.28pm

  • 11.45am Starlink Aviation Q41295 to Holguin - unknown

  • 11.55am Pegasus PC1180 to Istanbul - departed 1.21pm

  • 12.30pm TUI to Brussels - Departed 3.26pm

  • 12.35pm TUI BY790 to Hurghada - departed 1.34pm

  • 12.40pm Ryanair FR3208 to Malaga - departed 1.56pm

  • 12.50pm Pegasus PC5816 to Antalya - departed 2.29pm

  • 12.55pm British Airways BA1373 to London - departed 2.54pm

  • 1.10pm Turkish Airlines TK1992 to Istanbul - departed 2.23pm

  • 1.25pm Air Transat TS207 to Toronto - departed 2.51pm

  • 1.35pm SunExpress XQ593 to Antalya - departed 2.25pm

  • 1.45pm Eastern Airways KL1034 to Amsterdam - estimated departure 3.20pm

  • 1.45pm Ryanair RK7039 to Podgorica - estimated departure 3.10pm

  • 1.50pm Jet2 LS845 to Tenerife - departed 2.24pm

  • 1.55pm Pegasus PC1182 to Istanbul - departed 2.43pm

  • 2.05pm Emirates EK18 to Dubai - departed 2.47pm

  • 2.10pm easyJet to Geneva - estimated departure 3.13pm

  • 2.20pm Corendon Airlines XC8216 to Antalya - estimated departure 3.35pm

  • 2.30pm Aer Lingus EI45 to New York - departed 3.02pm

  • 2.30pm easyJet U22065 to Kos - departed 3.04pm

  • 2.40pm Eurowings EW7769 to Hamburg - estimated departure 3.15pm

  • 2.45pm Jet2 LS1009 to Antalya - estimated departure 3.41pm

  • 3.20pm easyJet U22059 to Athens - estimated departure 4.15pm

  • 5.05pm TUI BY2540 to Palma de Mallorca - estimated departure 6.20pm

  • 5.20pm easyJet U22079 to Corfu - estimated departure 6.55pm

  • 5.50pm Finnair AY1366 to Helsinki - estimated departure 6.25pm

  • 7.20pm easyJet U2727 to Jersey - estimated departure 8.24pm

  • 7.45pm Aurigny GR679 to Guernsey - estimated departure 8.20pm

  • 8.10pm easyJet U21236 to Basel - estimated departure 8.50pm

The above list will be updated throughout the day