Every gaming showcase scheduled for summer 2024

 Concept art of Solas for Dragon Age 4.
Concept art of Solas for Dragon Age 4.

Somehow, it's almost summer again, which means that the summer gaming showcase schedule is starting to fill out. E3 is gone for good now, but as we've learned in past years that isn't going to stop all of gaming's publishers, big and small, from descending upon the month of June to roll out their roadmaps for the next few years. Not for nothing, but we're still very open to suggestions for new names to bestow upon game marketing week because we can't keep saying "not-E3" for another year.

World Premieres Week? Trailer Raid Week? We'll keep working on it.

In any case, Summer Game Fest is returning as a publisher-neutral space for announcements, as is our own PC Gaming Show and our friends at GamesRadar+ with the Future Games Show. Inevitably the big three: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo—will all schedule their own showcases. We're also anticipating some other familiar events like the Wholesome Direct, Guerrilla Collective, and Day of the Devs as well.

Here are all the showcases that have been confirmed so far, along with some that we're expecting to be announced.

Gaming showcase schedule for 2024

All summer gaming showcases 2024