'Every Life is Precious': Cat Owner Cries Tears of Joy as Pet is Saved From Building Damaged by Turkey Earthquake

A cat owner cried tears of joy when her beloved pet was rescued from a damaged building in Diyarbakir, Turkey, on Friday, February 24.

Footage posted by the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality shows the cat’s owners calling to the animal, which was trapped on an upper floor of the partly-destroyed Galeria Business Center.

Rescuers used a crane to reach the cat, which was subsequently seen safely inside a carrier, before being reunited with its tearful owners.

The footage was posted along with the caption: “Tears of happiness. Every life is precious to us, every soul matters. Happiness is worth everything when we deliver our dear friend to his owner,” according to a machine translation.

Local news outlet Hurriyet said a demolition of the damaged business center had been due to take place, but was stalled when several cats were noticed inside. So far at least 13 cats have been saved since the demolition was paused, according to municipal workers. Credit: Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality via Storyful