Every London Underground line ranked as voted for by MyLondon readers

Passengers look at a map of Tube stations
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The London Underground is one of the best mass transit systems in the world - and there's nothing more that Londoners love than a natter about it, for better or for worse. In fact, a great icebreaker question for Londoners is definitely "What's your favourite Tube line?"

For many, your favourite line might not even be the one you travel on the most - that line may even be your worst. It could be the one that has the most novelty or maybe is even the quietest. Preferences depend on a number of factors.

A poll on MyLondon has revealed which line is the most popular with readers and one line has just pipped another into top spot. There are 11 Tube lines in total with many others that are not included like the DLR, Overground and Elizabeth which are technically not Tube lines.

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Waterloo & City line
The Waterloo & City line was last in the votes for best line -Credit:Sunil060902

11. Waterloo & City

At the bottom of the list is the shortest line on the Tube, the Waterloo & City line. The two-stop Underground line got just under 3 per cent of the vote, maybe because it serves a very small handful of people rather than being useful to the masses.

10. Hammersmith & City

In tenth position is the Hammersmith & City line. The pink line on the Tube map opened on June 13, 1864 as The Hammersmith and City Railway. in 1988 it became the line we know now that heads between Barking and Hammersmith.

Fun fact, the Hammersmith & City has no unique stations as each the 29 stations on its route is shared with another Tube line. This line got 3.5 per cent of the vote.

9. Circle

The Circle line is ninth in the list with 3.8 per cent. This circular service was fully connected up until December 2009 when it was broken and replaced by an end-to-end service. The yellow line shares many platforms and stations with District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines which can be confusing for those not in the know.

Bakerloo line
The Bakerloo line has the oldest stock of trains still running on the London underground -Credit: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

8. Bakerloo

The brown line on the London Underground is fourth as the Bakerloo line got 4.3 per cent of the vote. Travelling between Harrow & Wealdstone and Elephant & Castle, the trains on this line are the oldest remaining on the network. Introduced in 1972, this stock of trains can hold up to 730 passengers.

7. Central

With almost 7 per cent of the vote, the Central line sits at seventh in this list. This is the longest line on the Tube and was also the first underground railway to have electric lighting in its stations (illuminating fact). The irony is now that the lights regularly go off for an unknown amount of time before returning. This repeated problem could be one reason that it only came in at seventh.

6. Piccadilly

Sixth is the Piccadilly line which is the only Tube line that goes to Heathrow making it essential to the Underground network (the Lizzie line does go to Heathrow now too but that is not a Tube line). This line has the shortest distance between two stations which is arguably quicker to walk between at only 260 metres - Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

The Metropolitan Line train
The Metropolitan line has the highest speed on the Network -Credit:(Photo by Hesther Ng/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

5. Metropolitan

The Metropolitan line is the first urban underground railway in the world. Opening in 1863, this line travels between Amersham/Chesham and Aldgate. This purple line is the fastest on the Tube network getting up to speeds of over 60 miles per hour. This line came in fifth with 9.6 per cent of the votes.

4. District

Did you know that the first-ever escalator on the Underground network was introduced at Earls Court in 1911? Earls Court is on the Piccadilly line and the line voted the fourth best on the line, the District line. This line has the most stations at 60 and also got 10.8 per cent of the votes.

3. Northern

The Northern line is in at third. Opening in 1937, the Northern line has the deepest platform on the Underground network at Hampstead which is 58.5 metres below ground level. This line also has the longest escalator on it which is at Angel and got 10.8 per cent of the votes.

Jubilee and Victoria sign
The battle for the best Tube line as voted for by MyLondon readers is between the Jubilee and Victoia lines -Credit:Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

2. Victoria

The silver medal in this list is...the light blue Victoria line. At 18.6 per cent, it is 2 per cent lower than our winner which you can probably work out now by the powers of deduction.

It's the second shortest line, the most frequent service on the London Underground, the most frequent in the UK and the second most frequent train service in the world. Despite all this, it still does not take the top spot which goes to...

1. Jubilee

At number one, voted by MyLondon readers as the London Underground's best line is the Jubilee line. Travelling between Stanmore and Stratford, the Jubilee line was named after Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

The Jubilee line is the only line that has interchanges with every other Underground line and is also the deepest line at 32 metres below sea level and is your favourite garnering just over a fifth of the vote at 20.6 per cent.

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