Every word Richie Myler said on Hull FC's head coach search, Paul Rowley and Simon Grix's chances

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Richie Myler had his first press conference with the rugby league media this Wednesday morning. Naturally, a main point of conversation was Hull FC's new head coach search, with Hull Live asking Myler about a number of different topics.

From how close Paul Rowley came to agreeing a deal to Simon Grix's chances and the need to appoint a candidate for this season or next, here's everything he had to say.

How close was Rowley to joining Hull FC?

In short, very. As reported by Hull Live at the time, talks were very advanced, with Rowley entertaining the move. Unfortunately, though, Myler stated that travel and family reasons were the deciding factors.

"We got very close with Paul, and Paul has been very public with that," Myler said. "It was almost done. The logistics of the travel and how that would actually work were always going to be a factor. That was a process we were always working through.

"I thought we got to a comfortable position where both parties would be happy, Ultimately, that’s his prerogative; he decided not to do it for family reasons. We were pretty adamant that we had a guy who would give us what we were looking for, but ultimately, that's not worked out."

Taking stock, and why the job is so appealing

Missing out on Rowley was a blow for Hull and Myler. It was hoped, as explained by owner Adam Pearson, that the current Salford Red Devils boss would be the desired swift appointment after the departure of Tony Smith, but it wasn't to be. That process has now restarted, with speculation rife about who is actually going to come in.

"We take stock now and go again," Myler said. "We've had lots of discussions with people that want to come and help and have their vision on how they could help. We're in the process of looking at what's actually going to add to this environment because, clearly, over the last period of time, we have not gotten that right on how we manage the team and what we've brought into the team.

"The performances haven't worked, so we need to be clear on what we're doing and not make a rash decision just for the sake of making one. That's ultimately where we are now. We're clearly going to get linked with every coach in the world. If I'm looking at Hull FC, I'm thinking, 'Wow. That is an opportunity to do a tremendous job. I've got the backing of the board. I've got the backing of the young academy players coming through. I've got something I can build and be sustainable with.'

"I'm not surprised that every single coach wants to be involved or is interested in what the process is going to be. For us as a club, we need to make sure that it fits in with what we want and that the person who will come into the organisation gets the journey that we will be going on. I've been quite clear to all of them that it is not a quick fix and that it's not an overnight process."

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Simon Grix's chances

Simon Grix is currently in interim charge of Hull FC and also has a genuine chance of becoming the club's new permanent head coach. That doesn't rule out other candidates, although the impression is that for anyone to come in, they would need to have a certain 'wow' factor and add something special to the club.

"Grixy is in the pole position for it in the sense that he is doing the job day to day and the boys are responding really well to him," Myler said. "Performances have improved after several 50-point defeats. In the last few weeks, you can see they have responded well to him.

"Ultimately, the question will be, is anybody going to add to what we've got. Is anybody going to give us that little bit extra that we need? If that person is out there, then we might go down that route. However, at this current moment in time, we've had numerous conversations with numerous coaches, including Simon himself. He's doing a tremendous job behind the scenes, and he's working really hard for it. He sees himself as a head coach.

"There are lots of options, and as a club of Hull FC's stature, we'll always have them, but Grixy is definitely a candidate. He will be a future head coach. He did a tremendous job at Halifax, and he has that aspiration to be a head coach, but whether that's at Hull or not at Hull, time will tell. There's no rash decision coming from my end."

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Adrian Lam talks

As reported by Hull Live, there have been talks between Hull FC and current Leigh Leopards head coach Adrian Lam, but nothing 'formal' has emerged from those talks.

"I’ve had a brief conversation with Adrian," Myler admitted. "Like I’ve had with most conversations with coaches, we haven’t formally gotten to anything. I think that’s my honest answer to you. The only formal contract I put out there was to Paul Rowley."

Appointment for 2024 or 2025?

Myler is open to appointing a new coach for either the 2024 or 2025 seasons, with the ideal situation being to come to a verdict as soon as possible. However, that won't stop ongoing recruitment as he looks to make a decision over the coming weeks or months.

"Both options are viable at the moment," he said. "We’re going through a process; it’s not going to be a quick process; it’s going to be about who’s going to be the right fit and add to our environment. Ideally, we’d like to get it sorted; that’s why I was adamant about getting Paul Rowley and getting a head coach as a starting point, so that process of recruitment could be done collectively hand in hand with a head coach. In the meantime, the process is ongoing. We won't rush to a decision, but ideally we'd like to get the coach done."

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