Everyone is desperate to know what Theresa May said to make Jeremy Corbyn laugh

Theresa May is having a bit of a tough time but one person she made happy was the last person you’d expect.

The Prime Minister was sitting down next to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the pair waited to hear the King of Spain’s speech at Parliament.

Leaders are often forced to sit and chat awkwardly on such occasions but the pair seemed to share a genuine light-hearted moment.

Theresa May made Jeremy Corbyn laugh heartily in Parliament (Twitter)

In fact, Mrs May seemed to say something so funny that Mr Corbyn let out a chortle, covering his mouth in shock over what he had just heard.

Now everyone is just dying to know what it was that the Prime Minister said that got that reaction from the Opposition leader:

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Of course, some people have their theories about what Mrs May said:

Others were just happy that politics showed that it doesn’t always have to be nasty and devoid of any humour whatsoever:

Somehow we don’t think these light-hearted moments will last…