Everyone’s favorite internet mom shares a song dedicated to unexpected visitors—and it’s perfect

Song about people who pop by unnanounced
Emily Vondy/Instagram

Everyone’s favorite mom on the internet, Emily Vondy, is back at it again with sharing parodies of awkward and hilarious real-life situations that of course warrant a song and dance. And this time, she’s tackling the dreaded unannounced visitor in her latest viral video. First of all, who even does that anymore? Come on people. But Vondy hits the nail on the head when you begrudgingly have to invite someone into your home when you haven’t had time to deep clean and make it look like nobody actually lives there.

When the “friend” first enters the home, she sees what is either a manically made mood board or a collage made by a kid—it’s hard to tell. And then there’s poor Mario hanging by a noose from the railing of the stairs. You know, typical kid stuff. As the guest tries to sit in a chair at the dining room table, she cannot, because there’s something disgusting on the seat.

Vondy enters the room with a guitar in hand and sings, “Wondering what that is? Have no fear. If you stop by unannounced just know that kids live here.”

“We’re not having a garage sale, it looks like this all year. If you come on over, just know that kids live here.”

She continues to narrate/sing about all of the items you might come across when you enter a home with kids unannounced. Like a bowl with sticks and rocks, a cardboard house (where you better knock), Bluey stickers on the wall, and a crockpot bath for baby dolls.

And of course, if there are toddlers and/or babies living in your home, you’ll find “diapers stashed in every drawer,” and “tripping hazards on the floor,” along with “no room for sitting in the sitting room” and “a somewhat concerning, random boom,” to which Emily responds, “No one’s crying. We’re good.”

When her guest accidentally puts her hand in something brown on the table and says, “Oh, poop or chocolate, right?” Emily responds, “Oh, I actually, I actually don’t know…” And she then reassures her friend that if she has warning that someone is coming over, she cleans and disinfects her entire house for fear of that very reason.

When it turns out to be chocolate, the friend says she isn’t judging her for anything else, but for the poop or chocolate pile, she is judging just a little bit.

“Fair enough,” Emily concludes the video.

My mom has always said, “If you want to see me, come over anytime. If you’re going to look at my house, call and make an appointment.” She was absolutely right. I also live by this rule and felt very seen by Emily’s video, per usual.

Other moms felt seen in the comments of her video, too, of course. “I’m the mom of 9. When all my children were younger I realized that if we ever got robbed there would be no way to discern what was our normal mess and what got tossed in the crime.”

And another mom felt so seen and understood she actually cried. “I know this was supposed to be funny, but I can say I actually cried. Cried tears of happiness to actually see that it’s not just my house and not just my littles! Ohhhhhhh how overjoyed I am to have seen this video. The stickers on the wall is exactly what my babies did a couple of days ago and I told them don’t put stuff on the walls it will destroy the paint (way to go mom) … I thank you so so so much for showing this, because you made this mama actually say, ‘It’s ok, it’s ok!!!’ Thank you, thank you.”

Whether she’s sharing songs about periods, being nap trapped, or when a stomach bug hits your house, we can always count on Emily for keeping it real—as real as her house where it looks like kids live there.