What time is the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix in the UK?

love is blind season 5 cast
What time is the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix?Netflix

We were so happy when Love Is Blind returned for season five, acting as the perfect reminder for why it's one of our favourite Netflix shows of all time. With its love triangles, public displays of affection and fairly awkward encounters, it really does have it all.

While fans wait in anticipation for the final episodes of Love Is Blind season five (will Izzy and Stacy get married? Do Lydia and Milton make it down the aisle?!), Netflix have confirmed a Reunion is officially happening. Here's everything you need to know...

Love Is Blind season five reunion

Woohoo! Love Is Blind is getting a season five reunion, and we can't wait to see all of these pod contestants back together again. Because judging by the drama that unfolded at their drinks party, it's set to be chaotic.

As the official synopsis explains, "Hosts Nick & Vanessa Lachey will join the cast to discuss all your burning questions as they break down this season’s twists and turns, share reactions to watching their stories unfold, and find out which couples are still together after saying 'I do' and 'I don’t.'"

What time is the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix in the UK?

After the season four reunion was blighted by technical difficulties (which Netflix later apologised for), fans will surely breathe a sigh of relief at news that this time the reunion has been pre-recorded.

In the trailer for the reunion, and later in a post on X (formerly Twitter), Netflix revealed the release date for the special episode. "Mark your calendars – the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion special is coming! Watch together on Sunday, October 15 at 8PM ET/5PM PT!" the post on X read.

So, what time should viewers from the UK tune in if they want to catch the drama as it unfolds? Given the time difference between the US and the UK, the season five reunion should drop at 1am UK time on 16th October 2023 – and yes, we will be staying up way past our bedtime to watch!

Love Is Blind season five cast

The cast for Love Is Blind season five features 28 Houston-based singles looking for their dream match. The series saw 14 men and 14 women from ages 25 to 34 heading into the pods.

See the full cast list here:

Love Is Blind season five trailer

When Netflix released the full cast list, they also dropped a new trailer for the series, in which we saw the cast interact with each other in the pods, go on their first trip away together, some tense family conversations and even one bride heading down the aisle. Um, talk about a spoiler Netflix?

Watch the full trailer for Love is Blind season five here:

Love Is Blind season five release date

On 22nd August, Netflix confirmed the first four episodes of Love Is Blind season five being released on 22nd September.

They shared the exciting news on their Twitter, and also confirmed an After The Altar special for the cast of season four will drop on 1st September. Netflix said: "Before Love is Blind Season 5 premieres on September 22, find out where the couples — and singles — from Season 4 are today when Love is Blind: After the Altar premieres on September 1."

Love Is Blind season five release schedule

Every season of Love Is Blind sees the series have multiple episode drops across a number of weeks and this series is no different. The first four episodes of season five were released on 22nd September, and the following six in subsequent weeks. Here's the full episode release schedule:

  • Episodes 1 to 4 - 22nd September

  • Episodes 5 to 7 - 29th September

  • Episodes 8 - 9 - 6th October

  • Episode 10 - 13th October

When was Love Is Blind season five confirmed?

Back in March 2022 when Netflix confirmed Love Is Blind season 4 was happening, they also announced a fifth season of the show. While they didn't share *too* many details, they did explain, "The hit series has also been renewed for seasons four and five, which will each feature new singles and new cities."

Season one of Love Is Blind was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, While season two moved to Chicago, Illinois. Season three took place in Dallas, Texas, while season four (which is aired on Netflix in March and April 2023) was shot in Seattle, Washington.

Season five of the show returned to Texas, with Houston-based singles who will be searching for a chance of love.

love is blind season 5 cast

What is Love Is Blind?

The Netflix dating show sees 40 contestants join the experiment in an attempt to find their future partner. The experiment itself sees those contestants go on dates in blind 'pods', where they can hear and speak to their dates without actually seeing them.

The participants go on a series of speed dates, before ranking their dates in priority order, with the list of dates they go on then getting shorter but the length of the dates themselves getting longer.


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