Everything We Know about Season 2 of 'Fallout'

The first season of Fallout premiered in early April, and the show has already been confirmed for a season two on Prime Video, headed by Kilter Films and executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The show has reportedly become one of the streaming service’s three most-watched shows ever and the most-watched globally since The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in 2022.

“Praise be to our insanely brilliant showrunners, Geneva [Robertson-Dworet] and Graham [Wagner], to our kick-ass cast, to Todd and James and all the legends at Bethesda, and to Jen, Vernon and the amazing team at Amazon for their incredible support of this show,” Nolan and Joy said in a joint statement. “We can’t wait to blow up the world all over again.”

They added, “Holy sh-t. Thank you to Jonah, Kilter, Bethesda and Amazon for having the courage to make a show that gravely tackles all of society’s most serious problems these days—cannibalism, incest, jello cake. More to come!”

That’s a pretty big promise. Here’s everything we know about season two of Fallout so far.

Spoilers ahead.

What is Fallout season two going to be about?

The first season is based on the aftermath of the “Great War of 2077,” which was begun over dwindling resources caused by nuclear technology. It is now 200 years later, and the people who skedaddled to luxury fallout shelters called “Vaults” are being forced out into the ruined world they left behind.

The story is based on the video game series from Bethesda Game Studios, and contains plenty of adventure, danger, and fish-out-of-water humor as the haves encounter the have-nots. Lucy is a former Vault dweller who is forced to leave her home to rescue her father. She encounters Maximus, a soldier trying to impose some kind of law and order on a wild society, and Ghoul, a bounty hunter who knows the world Lucy is discovering all too well.

Lucy’s ideals are eroded through the season and in the final episode she is busted trying to barter a fake head in exchange for her dad. She eventually finds him imprisoned by Lee Moldaver, the series’ villain, where it’s revealed how her father played a role in the nuclear war to begin with. In season two, it seems as though Lucy and the Ghoul will be searching for justice for the victims of Vault-Tec.

Who is cast in Fallout season two?

Ella Purnell stars as Lucy, Aaron Moten is Maximus, and Walton Goggins is the Ghoul. The series cast also includes Kyle MacLachlan, Moisés Arias, Sarita Choudhury, Michael Emerson, Leslie Uggams, Frances Turner, Dave Register, Zach Cherry, Johnny Pemberton, Rodrigo Luzzi, Annabel O’Hagan and Xelia Mendes-Jones. Most of the cast will likely return, though Choudhury’s character Moldaver did die in the finale. But what is death in Fallout world?

Is Fallout season 2 in production?

The first season premiered on April 10. The show was renewed on April 18, so that's a pretty quick greenlight for another season. The team is likely still in the discussion stages, but they may want to jump on its popularity soon.

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