What happens to players 301 and 302 in Squid Game: The Challenge?

squid game the challenge 301 and 302
What happens to players 301 and 302 in Squid Game?Netflix

*Contains spoilers for Squid Game: The Challenge*

Ever since its release last week we have been obsessed with new reality show Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix, which sees 456 players from around the world compete to win $4.56 million in a series of challenges inspired by the drama series of the same name.

Throughout the series after each challenge, a number of players are eliminated and more money is added to the overall prize fund. At the end of episode five the remaining players were enjoying a nice picnic treat in pairs when they discovered they would soon be playing the game of marbles, after finding marbles at the bottom of their picnic baskets.

In the original Squid Game series players have 30 minutes in their pairs to decide on a game that will allow one of the players to gain the other's marbles and therefore walk away the winner.

In the game series they end up playing a similar game to the drama series version but with only 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes. And with each game of marbles one member of the pair is ultimately eliminated, which was seriously bad news for mother and son duo players 301 and 302, who paired up for their picnic and now have to face off against each other in the marbles game. But before we ultimately say goodbye to one of them, what do we need to know about this mother and son duo?

squid game the challenge 301 and 302

What are players 301 and 302 ages?

Mother and son duo players 301 and 302 are son Trey who is 25 years old and 64-year-old LeAnn who is player 302.

Where are players 301 and 302 from?

Trey is currently based in Illinois while mother LeAnn is joining the competition from New Jersey.

What are players 301 and 302's jobs?

Player 301 is currently working as a delivery driver, and while 302 is now retired, LeAnn used to work at The New York Times.

She is also the first woman to have received a full scholarship at Kansas State.

Why did 301 and 302 go on Squid Game: The Challenge?

According to Netflix, Trey aka player 301 entered Squid Game: The Challenge in the hopes of being able to pay off his parents' home.

Do players 301 and 302 have Instagram?

They sure do! You can follow Trey on Instagram at @choochootreyn where he regularly posts sweet pictures with his partner Cecilia.

And LeAnn is also on Instagram too, her handle is @leannwplutnicki. On her Instagram she posts a lot about Squid Game: The Challenge, and also shares many cute family pictures with Trey and the rest of their family.

What happens to players 301 and 302 on Squid Game: The Challenge?

During the first five episodes players 301 and 302 managed to stay in the competition, often working together to secure their position in the contest, having survived 'Red Light Green Light', 'Dalgona' and 'Battleships'.

However, in episode six when the players are tasked with playing 'Marbles', players 301 and 302 decide on a game of throwing marbles into a selection of circles and whoever gets closest to the centre of inner circle wins. Player 302 ends up getting eliminated and shares an emotional goodbye with son Trey.

In episode eight Trey's fate in the games is also sealed when he competes in the game 'Glass Bridge'. In the game, there are 17 pairs of glass tiles placed next to each other and in each pair of tiles, one is safe to step on and the other will see players fall to their doom and out of the game.

Trey unfortunately was one of the earlier players chosen to head onto the tiles and after taking one for the team and jumping on a tile, he fell through and lost his place in the game. And so therefore neither player 301 nor player 302 won Squid Game: The Challenge.

The final episode of Squid Game: The Challenge drop next Wednesday 6th December.

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