Ewan McGregor's kitchen job

Ewan McGregor

(BANG) -

Ewan McGregor was forced to work in a restaurant kitchen when he visited to gain some insight for his new film.

The 40-year-old actor plays a chef who falls for Eva Green's character in new movie 'Perfect Sense' and although Ewan went along to a professional kitchen to observe and pick up some skills, the chef had other ideas and quickly put him to work.

Ewan said: "I went along thinking maybe I could get away with sitting in the kitchen for a couple of hours watching people peel potatoes. But the guy running the place thought otherwise, and I spent a couple of days and nights doing steak tartare with raw egg on it. Don't ask me to cook anything though."

Ewan's character lives in Glasgow where he travels around the city on a bicycle and Ewan stayed anonymous by doing the same.

He explained to the Scotsman newspaper: "I lived in a lovely mews house with cobblestones, went all over the place, and no-one noticed me. Maybe because they expected me to be in some big Mercedes or something."

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