Ex-DNC vice chair: ‘It is absolutely not too late to pick a new candidate’

A former Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice chair on Sunday called on party members to push President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, laying out the steps the party should take to pick a new nominee amid heightened concerns over Biden’s mental acuity.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, former Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak argued elected officials remain “shockingly silent” in public out of fear of political retribution, and urged members of the public to apply pressure on Democratic leaders to push for Biden’s withdrawal.

“It is absolutely not too late to pick a new candidate. Hold two forums for candidates who meet a threshold, do a straw poll and the delegates pick,” Rybak wrote Sunday. The Democratic National Convention in August, he said, would turn into “must see TV” and “a four day infomercial on why to vote for Democrats.”

“Having been a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee I can say it is unlikely this would happen without a huge push from the public — you and me — right now,” he continued.

Rybak joins the growing chorus of voices pushing for Biden to step aside and allow a different candidate to take his place as the party’s nominee following his lackluster debate performance last week. However, no national elected officials have joined these calls yet.

Biden had a disastrous showing at Thursday night’s debate against former President Trump. His voice was raspy for a good portion of the 90-minute debate, while his delivery frequently halted and at times he appeared to lose his train of thought and struggled to string together his ideas.

The performance sparked panic among Democrats over his ability to win reelection in November and lead the country for another four years.

Calling the debate “disastrous” for Democrats, Rybak argued former President Trump would not have as much success debating other Democrats who have been floated as possible replacements for Biden.

Rybak pointed to Govs. Gavin Newsom (Calif.) and Gretchen Whitmer (Mich.), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as possible choices.

“President Biden got us out of COVID and an economic collapse, and passed extraordinary legislation. He deserves tremendous praise. But a Presidential election is not the Academy Awards where you are rewarded for what you did. Elections are about the future and Democrats have an inspirational message that is not being told while a convicted felon who tried to steal the election and end our democracy looks like he could win,” Rybak wrote, in reference to Trump.

“Not a single thing about that will change unless we — all of us — demand we change our messenger,” he continued. “Taking the tough, immediate action we need to win this election is not about whether people like President Biden, or think he has done a good job.”

White House and Biden campaign officials have in recent days sought to shut down any notion that the president will step aside or drop out of the race.

Biden has already won the primary and thus cannot be overthrown at the convention, meaning the decision to withdraw would ultimately be up to him.

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