Ex-rugby player Tom Garratt shrugs off intimate video leak: ‘Doesn’t mean I’m gay’

Two head and shoulder images of the rugby player Tom Garratt
Tom Garratt (Images: Instagram/@tgarratt10)

Former pro-rugby player Tom Garratt has given a refreshingly casual reaction after a video in which he performs an intimate act on another man while on holiday leaked online.

In the since-deleted clip, which went viral on social media, Garratt – who has played for the Hull Kingston Rovers and Dewsbury Rams – performs the act on the unnamed man to the laughter of men surrounding them.

Tom, now a successful content creator covering sport, says he doesn’t know who leaked the since-deleted video or why – and he doesn’t much seem to care, either.

“We had a great laugh!” – Tom Garratt

“It’s from seven years ago, which obviously doesn’t change the fact that what happened, happened,” the 29-year-old said, addressing the matter on while filming his Pitch Side podcast on Monday (5 February 2024).

“Obviously we were on holiday and it got a bit messy and we thought it would be funny to… yeah.”

Taking the matter in his stride, Garratt furthermore added: “We had a great time, we had a great laugh and I don’t know how the video’s got out but it has. And you’ve just got to f***ing firm it – unlike my mate did.

“So, if anyone’s looking for a holiday buddy for the summer, I might be going to Tenerife. I’ll see you there!”

He went on to say that he’s “partial” to “being a bit fruity” but will “make sure there’s no cameras” next time.

Garratt also addressed the video in a series of posts on TikTok. In one, he said: “I stand by the fact it’s funny. It doesn’t mean I’m bi, it doesn’t mean I’m gay… Well, maybe it does. And if I am, I am! All right?”

Referencing the impropriety of the video being shared in the first place, Garratt said: “Whoever leaked it is weirder than me.”

He also said: “If you’re not comfortable with a c**k in your face, or a c**k in your hand, there’s something wrong with you, all right?!

“What goes on holiday should stay on holiday – so leave me alone!”

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