Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says former president had a 'total disregard for the jury'

Donald Trump's former lawyer says that the ex-president had a "total disregard for the jury" during his trial.

In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, Michael Cohen, who arranged the $130,000 (£102,000) payment to porn star Stormy Daniels that was central to the case, said his former boss failed to "engender any positive feelings from anyone" during the trial.

Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up a payment to Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, to stop her revealing an alleged affair during his 2016 White House run.

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Cohen said: "I believe the antics that went on in the courtroom, whether it was by (Todd) Blanche or by Donald himself with the eye closing, the leaning back, the total disregard for the jury, I don't think he engendered any positive feelings."

He also revealed nicknames he had for Todd Blanche, branding Trump's counsel SLOAT (Stupidest Lawyer Of All Time).

In his summing up Mr Blanche had described Cohen as GLOAT (Greatest Liar Of All Time).

"Thirty-four counts one after the other, one after the other of guilty. It's accountability, it's exactly what America needs right now," Cohen said.

"We need for accountability to be had by all those that break the law because we like to continuously state, no one is above the law and today's verdict demonstrates that."

Asked how he is doing following the verdict, he replied, "I guess the word is relieved," saying he was not surprised by the outcome.

"This has been six years in the making," he added. "So, this is a six-year process within which for accountability to finally be at."

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Cohen was the prosecutors' most important witness, but he was vulnerable to attack.

The now-disbarred attorney has admitted on the witness stand to previously lying under oath and other falsehoods, many of which he claims were meant to protect Trump.

Cohen served prison time after pleading guilty to various federal charges, including lying to Congress and a bank and engaging in campaign finance violations related to the hush money scheme.

He has made millions of dollars off critical books about the former president, whom he regularly slams on social media in often profane terms.

Trump is set to be sentenced on 11 July - days before the start of the Republican National Convention on 15 July where he is expected to be formally nominated for president.

Leaving the court, the former president called the trial "rigged" and "disgraceful".

"We didn't do anything wrong, I'm a very innocent man, and it's okay. I'm fighting for our country."