Exact areas Met Office forecasts washout after 30C heatwave

Glastonbury is in full swing in Worthy farm, Pilton, Somerset
-Credit: (Image: Rowan Griffiths / Daily Mirror)

Rain is expected to batter some regions of the UK this gloomy weekend - a huge contrast to the 30C highs many areas enjoyed in the week. The Met Office has released its latest weather predictions for the weekend, and it's looking rather damp.

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern talks us through the incoming band of low pressure from the west, which is expected to move slowly across Wales, the Midlands, and some areas of northwest England come Saturday. Temperatures are taking a nosedive today, with the Shetland Islands bracing for a chilly 11C, Cumbria hovering around 14C, and Pembrokeshire at a cool 15C.

Even London, which will see highs of 23C, will feel the chill compared to Wednesday's blistering heatwave. However, the Met Office assures that while the rain may be persistent, it won't be particularly heavy, reports the Mirror.

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Mr McGivern noted: "We have still got showers going across northern and western Scotland by the way, that's going to be the feature going into the weekend. This weak frontal zone then just sort of meanders across central and southern parts of England and Wales and fizzles out."

"It's likely to be a relatively cloudy picture in many of these areas, although there could be some sunshine coming through across the Southeast England, and then later towards north Wales and Northwest England, but the rainfall amounts [are] not exceptional. [There will be] outbreaks of mostly light, moderate rain, later on there is the small chance that it could break out into some heavy showers by Sunday in the Southeast of England, but what that means is through the weekend, it's generally cloudy skies with a few light to moderate showers was associated with that frontal system."

Significant rain, at this early stage, is also forecast for the end of next week in southern areas. Early indications are it could be thundery across the Home Counties on Friday - the day after Brits go to vote. Forecasters say it could be a hint of what is to come for large parts of July. Writing on its website, the Met Office states weather for the period of July 12 and 26 will be unsettled.

The long-range forecast reads: "Any more significant rainfall would most likely occur in the northwest, with thunderstorms possible elsewhere. There is a slightly higher than normal chance of heatwaves developing during this period."

While Brits have been basking in the heatwave this week, with temperatures soaring past 30C in many eastern and southern regions, it's been a boon for outdoor attractions and beach-goers.