Exact date 250-mile European plume will arrive in Yorkshire

-Credit:Peter Harbour
-Credit:Peter Harbour

A hot weather plume is set to arrive in Yorkshire over the coming days - bringing with it sunshine and hot weather.

Meteorologist Jim Dale has said the hot weather will come after the recent burst of rain and colder temperatures, reports the Daily Express. He said: "There is nothing hot in the short term; but in 10 or so days time we may be seeing levels that we saw last few days

"[There are] some marginal pushes out of Northern Africa, but the main thrust is likely through Central Europe." Mr Dale added that he expected more hot weather in July or August. However, experts are downplaying the risks of 40C days as we saw in July 2022.

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Weather maps do show the weather surge is likely to increase temperatures here in the UK. Although, this is unlikely to be record-breaking temperatures.

The surge is set to arrive in Europe in late May, hitting France on May 28, as the south coast of England also experiences warmer temperatures. Most of these areas will see 21C to 22C temperatures, with the weather front extending up to Yorkshire.

Then, temperatures are set to hit 23C in some more northern areas from around 3pm on May 28. It is not yet known how long the weather will continue to be warm.

Hot temperatures are set to arrive across Yorkshire
Hot temperatures are set to arrive across Yorkshire -Credit:Netweather

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