Exact time of day to go for 30-minute walk to boost weight loss chances

TV health guru Dr Michael Mosley
TV health guru Dr Michael Mosley says getting your timing right can elevate your daily walk -Credit:Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Looking to enhance your weight loss efforts? A 30-minute walk each day could be just the ticket. Not only does a brisk walk clear your mind, but it also contributes significantly to weight loss.

Walking offers a myriad of health benefits, including better cardiovascular health, stronger bones, and improved stamina. Plus, it's a mood booster, keeping your mental well-being in balance.

Walking is an accessible form of exercise for most people, requiring little more than the will to keep moving and perhaps a reliable umbrella for those in the UK.

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For those on a weight loss journey, walking might not seem intense, but it's a valuable daily exercise. And there's a specific time of day that maximises its effectiveness, reports the Mirror.

Dr Michael Mosley, in an episode of his podcast 'Just One Thing', has highlighted the virtues of an early morning walk. He suggests that this habit not only helps with calorie burning but also promotes a healthy sleep routine, which is vital for fitness enthusiasts.

Dr Mosley points out: "As well as waking you up, bright outdoor light helps to reset your body clock, which in turn helps to regulate hunger, mood, body temperature and all sorts of other important bodily processes."

"Light levels outdoors are at least 10 times brighter than inside your house, and when this light hits sensors at the back of your eyes, this sends messages to a part of your brain called the pituitary gland, ordering it to stop producing the hormone melatonin."

Melatonin is known as the 'hormone of darkness' because rising levels in the evening help put you to sleep at night. Studies have shown strong links between poor sleep and weight gain, so maintaining a healthy snoozing schedule is crucial for shedding pounds.

The medic and author recommends walking for a minimum of 30 minutes to get the best results. If you're running short on time, however, a shorter walk can still make an impact.

Dr Mosley continued: "As well as exposing you to lots of light, any walk - short, long, fast or slow - will strengthen muscles and bones, reduce joint and muscular pain, burn a few calories and increase energy levels."