Exact time you can see Lyrid meteor shower peak in UK tomorrow

The Lyrid meteor shower will peak on April 22-23 (Image: PA)
The Lyrid meteor shower will peak on April 22-23 (Image: PA) -Credit:Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Over the next two nights stargazers will want to look up as the Lyrid meteor shower is set to light up the sky,

The meteor shower began on April 14 but according to the Royal Museums Greenwich it is set to peak between April 22 and April 23. The best time to see the meteor shower generally is in the early morning of the peak day. The later in the morning you wait to see it the closer you will get to sunrise meaning the meteor shower will be less visible.

The Royal Museums Greenwich recommends waiting until after midnight when the radiant point in the constellation on Lyra would have risen in the East. Stargazers have been advised they can see bright fast meteors, some with trains.

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The best way to see the Lyrids is to find a dark site with an unobstructed view of the sky. Conditions are set to start off favourable but the meteor shower comes to a peak at full moon so conditions will gradually get worse.

Meteor showers occur when a small particle - on average about the same size as a grain of sand - vaporises in Earth's atmosphere. The path of light across the sky is known as a meteor trail.

The Lyrid meteor shower is a result of debris left in the wake of Comet Thatcher, and occurs annually around mid to late April. When the Earth passes through this trail of material, pieces fall into the atmosphere and burn up

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