Example confirms new romance five months after split from wife Erin McNaught

Example  (Getty Images)
Example (Getty Images)

Example has revealed that he has found love five months after announcing his split from wife Erin McNaught.

The British musician, 40, is believed to be dating Daisy Cox, an art advisor from London who has been living with him in Australia, as reported by MailOnline.

The singer, real name Elliot Gleave, confirmed his new romance while updating his Instagram followers on Tuesday following a break from social media.

First sharing a photo of his children in their home, he penned: “Both my kids, myself and my new girlfriend are obsessed with FIFA.”

He then posted a cosy snap with his new girlfriend, writing: “talking of the new girlfriend... more on her another time...”

Concluding the post, Example shared a photo of himself with Daisy and his ex Erin, captioning the photo: “In case anyone is wondering how me and Erin are doing… We are still besties.

The singer pictured with his new girlfriend (Instagram/Example)
The singer pictured with his new girlfriend (Instagram/Example)

“This is us at the weekend with my partner. We are all just focusing on being positive, respectful adults and ensuring the kids are happy. That’s all that matters.”

The Standard have contacted Example’s representatives for further comment.

In October, Example announced his split from McNaught, revealing it came to a “natural end” at the beginning of the UK summer in 2022.

The Stay Awake singer added that he and McNaught, 40, planned on co-parenting their sons, Evander, seven, and five-year-old Ennio, explaining that “this is as amicable as it gets”.

In a joint Instagram statement, the couple wrote: “At the start of the UK summer we decided to separate. We have had an amazing 11 years together, but just a few too many adventures.

“Obviously we spent a lot of time behind the scenes trying to figure things out, but we came to the realisation that perhaps our time as a couple had just come to a natural end.

Example pictured with Daisy Cox and ex wife Erin McNaught (Instagram/Example)
Example pictured with Daisy Cox and ex wife Erin McNaught (Instagram/Example)

“So we have decided to go our separate ways whilst there is still an abundance of love and respect for one another. We have been Co-parenting happily and effectively now for almost half a year and our boys are surrounded with love.

“Due to Elliot’s busy summer schedule over 14 weeks in Europe, Erin and the boys flew to London for 4 weeks so Elliot wouldn’t have to go months without seeing Evander and Ennio.

“We had an amazing family holiday, and look forward to more in the future. We have had incredible support from our closest friends and family, who are proud of how we are handling this separation.

“We have turned off commenting to protect ourselves, our children and closest friends and family. Please do not feel the need to text or DM us whoever you are.

“We would appreciate the space right now and don’t want to be distracted by conversations over texts, social media or FaceTime when we need to devote so much time our own wellbeing and most importantly, that of our children.

“If you see us out and about together it’s still the same old Elliot & Erin.

“Though we spend a lot of our time apart we still enjoy time together climbing, jogging, cinema, chasing kids around the park or getting coffee. Expect to see us out and about together with our children often.

“This is as amicable as it gets. Nobody is blaming anyone in all this. We are very happy that this is the right decision and hope that others can respect this too. Everything is as it should be Love, E&E.”