'Excited' Taylor Swift fans from around the globe flock to Edinburgh as more than 200,000 set for Scots gigs

Hundreds of Taylor Swift fans have flocked to Murrayfield Stadium as the superstar prepares to take to the stage this weekend.

Superfans queued in all weathers for merch on Thursday ahead of the Love Story singer taking to the stage for the first UK Era's tour date.

Many travelled from across the globe to see the megastar. Fans have even started camping to secure the best spot for the concerts.

The UK leg of the tour kicks off in Edinburgh on June 7 with around 222,000 to attend her Murrayfield shows.

In the days leading up, the city has been taken over by Swiftmania. Shops have been fully stocked with merch, a Taylor Swift branded tram has been unveiled, and the Scottish Gas sponsorship at Murrayfield even changed to 'Scottish Lass'.

Fans proudly wore friendship bracelets made especially for the gig.

Rebecca Gunning, 31, from Buffalo in New York said: "This is my third time seeing her. I'm more excited now because of the new album and have been watching the songs on tiktok. It'll be awesome.

She can't wait to see the superstar and said it first felt real on the flight to Scotland.

"I flew from JFK airport and on the flight there were loads of fans, with all the gear on. Swifties have taken over! Someone gave me a friendship bracelet on the plane and it suddenly felt real. One of my favourite things about her concerts is the outfits. I have a case full of stuff and a diamond headband. The buzz here in Edinburgh is incredible."

Nicola Donnelly, 19, from Airdrie has waited five years to see the megastar. She said: "I can't put into words how excited I am. I had a wee cry on the bus over to get the merch today. It just hit me that it's finally happening. The way she writes songs is so relatable, I can see my own life in her words. She's an inspiration."

Pal Erin Kirk, 20, from Airdrie said: "I've been making friendship bracelets. I grew up with her and at school me and Nicola would listen to her together in class. It's the soundtrack to our teen years. She gets a lot of slack but she's just writing about her life. She's the boss!"

Bar worker James King, 24, from Edinburgh can't wait to see the singer for the first time. He said: "It was a fight to get tickets but finally got some in March last year so this has been a long time coming. I've watched snippets of her touring across the world, I don't want spoilers but it's good to feel the excitement building. This will feel more special in a way because it's the first UK gig on the tour. I can't wait and have my cowboy hat ready to go."

Angela Rogers from Pennsylvania is thrilled to be able to see the singer with her daughter Haleigh, 28. The 53-year-old said: "It's such an honour for my daughter to want me to go to this concert with her. It makes me emotional, I tear up about it. She has listened to Taylor since she was little. And I'm a fan too, I just love her story."

Hayleigh said: "I love her. We've grown up with her but this is my first time seeing her live. I'm so excited to see the concert and the Torture Poets tram. It's going to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life."

Julianne Skrivan, 29, travelled from Utah for the gig. She said: "It's my first time in Scotland and I love the buzz. I discovered Taylor Swift at 10 when I was learning to play the guitar. My teacher gave me a debut CD and I just loved it. I've been to all the tours since Fearless. The fun thing about this tour is that so many friends who became fans during the pandemic are all coming with me. They listened and said, they finally understood why I was such a fan! I appreciate that no matter what I'm going through I can listen to her songs, and connect to something bigger than myself. She has a song for every moment."

Kim Sari, 39 and her daughter Kevser, 14, have come up from Norfolk for the Murrayfield concert. Kim said: "We couldn't get a hotel, it was like £1000 a night so we are staying in Dunbar. Now that we are here it feels real. It's such a great atmosphere."

Celina Sifuentes-Soar, 44 and her pal Hannah Conway from Blackpool are excited to get away on their first trip together for years.

Celina said: "This is our bestie moon! We are both mums so haven't been away for ages. Everybody we have met is so great. I'm so excited to feel that same energy in the stadium and all that positivity. It's going to be a joy."

Hannah said: "We've both had a tough couple of years but since we got these tickets we've had something to look forward to. It has brought so much excitement. I've not felt this buzzing vibe in ages. It's like another level! For me her music is therapeutic. It just uplifts me. I might cry though, as it's also so emotional."

Mark Antonio, 30 and his friend Catyah Aquino, 30 had an epic journey to Edinburgh from the Philippines. Mark said: "I saw Taylor in Paris. It was so busy. Here it feels so different, laidback and people are so warm and friendly. I grew up listening to Taylor so the music feels nostalgic."

Catyah said: "She's a history maker for me. I'm just so excited, feeling all of the emotions. I can't wait for us to get into the outfits. Mark is doing a reputation style one and I've got a Portrait Poets one in black and white. It's my first time seeing her so I can't wait to have that experience."

The I Can Do It With a Broken Heart singer's tour sold out within minutes after going on sale in July 2023.

The megastar is scheduled for a trio of performances at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium before moving on to gigs in Liverpool, Cardiff, and London.

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