EXCLUSIVE Faryal Makhdoom: 'I had to let go of work to give my daughter the attention she needed'

It has been a difficult few months for Faryal Makhdoom, with the beauty guru discovering that she is pregnant with her second child amid her very public marriage breakdown from British boxer Amir Khan.

However, it is onwards and upwards for the New York native, with Faryal looking to the future as she launches her new Autumn theme make-up line, and the star was brimming with excitement and determination when we met up for an exclusive chat earlier this week.

As she enthusiastically showed Yahoo Celeb UK her new range of matte liquid lipsticks, Faryal spoke candidly about the inspiration behind the range, raising her three-year-old daughter, Lamaisah, and her second pregnancy – as well as offering us her top beauty tips.

Faryal has launched her new range of make-up products.
Faryal has launched her new range of make-up products.

Addressing how she first found her passion for make-up, Faryal credited her 2013 marriage, telling us: “Since I was a little girl I was into beauty, and with my wedding day make-up I thought ‘wow, I need to start learning’.

“When I got married I started going to Fashion Week and attending parties and travelling the world; when I went to Dubai I saw these beautiful Arab women with beautiful make-up and I started doing it too, that’s when I started getting known on Instagram, for my make-up, it started to become a passion.

“When I was younger my mum wouldn’t allow make-up; I would have to hide and do it and then take baby wipes to school to take it off before I saw her; my parents were never strict in the way I dressed, education, or going out and being independent, but my mum was strict on make-up.

“She was like: ‘Your lashes are going to fall off, your skin will break out’ – she always wanted me to be perfect for when I got married and then I could do whatever I wanted, but I never listened.”

Faryal’s 2013 wedding day make-up inspired her to learn. Copyright: [Instagram]
Faryal’s 2013 wedding day make-up inspired her to learn. Copyright: [Instagram]

After she got married, Faryal quickly built a strong following with her popular YouTube channel, where she’d offer make-up tutorials to the thousands of people desperate to imitate her look, however, the star admitted that her career had to take a backseat when she welcomed Lamaisah three years ago.

She explained: “Editing my YouTube channel was too time-consuming, my daughter growing up was my priority and work calmed down a bit.

“I had to kind of let go of work in order to give my daughter the attention that she needed.”

But luckily Lamaisah shares her mother’s passion for make-up – even helping to test out the new autumnal range.

Lamaisah shares her mother’s love of make-up. Copyright: [Twitter]
Lamaisah shares her mother’s love of make-up. Copyright: [Twitter]

Faryal continued: “My daughter will sit for hours and I pretend that I am doing her make-up, she just absolutely loves it and it’s cute as when I was her age I was a tomboy, I didn’t have any make-up.

“She loves putting on lipstick, she tested out all of my range before I did.”

In August, Faryal revealed that she is expecting her and Amir’s second baby, and although she confessed to us that baby number two “wasn’t planned”, she admits that she is “looking forward” to expanding her family and her daughter having a playmate.

“I don’t know what I am having yet, I am only four months so I will find out at my next scan,” Faryal told us, “It would be nice to have a boy because then my family is complete but I don’t mind another beautiful girl.

“My daughter keeps saying that she wants a sister, so I’m like: ‘If that will keep you busy then I’ll have a sister’.”

Faryal is pregnant with her second child. Copyright: [Instagram]
Faryal is pregnant with her second child. Copyright: [Instagram]

Despite being a busy, soon-to-be mum-of-two, 26-year-old Faryal shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to Faryal Makhdoom Cosmetics, with her passion for the brand coming through in our chat.

“I do go to the factories and I do pick out my own colours,” Faryal explained, “I am the main person involved, I like to choose all of my favourites.

“I am really excited about my new Autumn collection, it can be hard to match lips to your skin tone so I made sure that these colours worked for all skin types.

“I also have two highlighters coming out, they were going to come out with the lipsticks but I am actually tweaking them and making them a bit better. I am obsessed with illuminators and this one is so pigmented that when you put it on you can see the shimmer from a mile away.”

Faryal is also adding highlighters to her make-up range.
Faryal is also adding highlighters to her make-up range.

And Faryal has also added a sentimental touch to each of her products, revealing to us that every lipstick name is inspired by something personal to her.

She told us: “I choose the names myself and I like to be creative and think of memories; I like going to Dubai a lot and when I go to Dubai I wear darker colours, so one of the names is ‘Dubai Nights’ to remind me of my memories there.

“There’s an orangey red one called ‘Persian Rose’ – my daughter’s name is Persian.

“I went for a red called ‘Red Carpet’ and it’s my favourite red, absolutely beautiful – I worked on it the hardest because I am so picky with red and I think this one looks so amazing.”

Faryal is looking to the future. Copyright: [Instagram]
Faryal is looking to the future. Copyright: [Instagram]

The star also gave us her number one tip to help her fans recreate her flawless make-up look, telling us: “It’s really important to moisturise your skin before you put anything on it.

“I always moisturise, and I exfoliate twice a week. I also put a primer on before applying make-up – it’s really important to keep the skin hydrated.’

And speaking of her plans for the future, Faryal added: “I’m going to expand my make-up business, get ready for my baby and concentrate on my children.

“As soon as my baby comes I’m going to get back to work and see what is out there for me to do.”

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what Faryal does next.

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