Exclusive: The Fear Index's Josh Hartnett on sex scenes being awful to film

The Fear Index star Josh Hartnett has explained why he hates filming sex scenes so much, revealing that he finds them "ridiculous".

Talking exclusively to Digital Spy about his new techno-thriller, the actor spoke about the differences between filming intimate scenes now in comparison to the earlier days of his career, revealing that there has definitely been a change.

"Oh, yeah. No, it's great. Now there's somebody on set, an intimacy coordinator, who goes through everything with you beforehand," he said. "It's not a director shouting at you: 'Take your pants off!' – it doesn't work like that anymore. So it does feel much more comfortable."

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

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He went on to say that, although he now finds filming sex scenes to be a "more dignified" experience, he still hates filming them.

"I find sex scenes to be ridiculous, and I think almost all actors do. And you just have to kind of laugh your way through it, otherwise it's too embarrassing," he said.

"But there's also not a bunch of crew members just standing around anymore, watching, which is helpful. So it is a little bit more dignified, I guess, than it used to be. But it's still ridiculous. Sex scenes are awful."

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

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The Fear Index sees Hartnett star as tech genius Dr Alex Hoffman, who "experiences a waking nightmare of the worst 24 hours of his life", with the story based on the novel by writer Robert Harris.

The Penny Dreadful actor also described The Fear Index as "the hardest job" that he has ever done, due to the intense filming schedule which took place over a relatively short period and the nature of the subject matter.

"It was very intense because this character is losing his mind, and we shot it out of order," he said. "I had to find a way to map the whole thing, and give myself an arc that made sense so that it works; so you believe that he's going through something in linear time."

The Fear Index is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW.

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