Exclusive: Hollyoaks star Ellis Hollins on Tom's blunder in special episodes

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Ellis Hollins has shared details of a big misunderstanding coming up for his character Tom Cunningham.

Next week's episodes see Tom fly out to Mallorca with his wife Yazz for Luke Morgan and Cindy Cunningham's stag and hen celebrations.

The timing of the trip is awkward for Tom, as he has recently disappointed Yazz by losing thousands of pounds in a failed investment opportunity.

As Yazz makes it clear to Tom that she intends to enjoy herself on the holiday, he gets the wrong idea and assumes that she wants to have a fling with another man.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Ellis explained: "Tom and Yazz aren't on the rocks, but they have been having a few disagreements. Things haven't been going too well between them, mostly because of Tom's actions. He's somewhat in the bad books.

"When they arrive on the holiday, Yazz says: 'What happens in Mallorca, stays in Mallorca'. Tom doesn't know what she means by that, so he's constantly paranoid during their time there.

"Tom even ends up leaving the stag do and going away to the spa, where the hens are, to see what Yazz is up to. He thinks she's going to be getting off with a big muscly Spaniard!"

A worried Tom interrupts Yazz's massage on the hen do, which risks making the atmosphere between them even worse.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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Ellis continued: "Tom pays the other guy off and gives Yazz a massage in his place! He wonders if he should tell her that she can be with someone else during the holiday, because he feels so bad about his kiss with Cher and he doesn't know what she meant by the comment she made.

"I think they'll all be friends again by the end of it, but I'm glad that there's a lot of comedy in the storyline."

Ellis and his co-stars filmed the holiday scenes on location in Mallorca in April.

The long-serving cast member was previously part of Hollyoaks' Ibiza episodes in 2017.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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Ellis told us: "I didn't want to get my hopes up when I heard that the show would be filming abroad again. I didn't know whether I'd be going, but I hoped that I'd be part of it.

"I later found out that I was definitely going and what the storyline was. I was excited to know that I was getting to go away for another Hollyoaks holiday trip and I counted myself lucky.

"It's definitely been a fun experience. Ibiza was a lot of fun too a few years ago. Ibiza was a bit younger in terms of the cast who went, but I'm great friends with the cast who went to Mallorca too and we had a great time.

"I was 17 when I went to Ibiza and there's only so much you can do at that age! Now that I'm 22, I feel a lot more independent. It's the first time I've been away since COVID."

The Mallorca episodes mark the end of a long-running plotline for Hollyoaks, as Luke bows out from the show. Luke was diagnosed with dementia in December 2019 and has taken centre stage in an emotional story in the past few years.

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Photo credit: Lime Pictures

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Ellis added: "Luke as a character and Gary Lucy as an actor are both going to be sorely missed by a lot of people in the show. Gary is a very good friend of mine and I love him to bits.

"We get on really well and I'm gutted to see him go. He brightens up your day when you see him around work and he's great to work with too."

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