Exclusive: Impact Wrestling's Trinity: " I wanted to use my real name when I first started wrestling"

trinity impact wrestling
Impact Wrestling's Trinity on name changeImpact Wrestling

Trinity made her debut for Impact Wrestling on Thursday night (May 4), marking her first TV appearance since she left WWE a year ago.

The former Naomi is now going by her real name as she embarks on her new journey in wrestling after 14 years with WWE.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Trinity revealed that she always wanted to wrestle under her real name and now she's finally getting to hear fans chant it.

trinity impact wrestling
Impact Wrestling

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"I love it," Trinity said of hearing her real name being used by fans. "I wanted to use my real name when I first started wrestling, but I couldn't.

"So now that I get to use my actual name and and brand myself with my name, it's cool."

Leaving WWE, Trinity is not just leaving the name Naomi behind but the character as well.

When asked if there's any characteristics that make Trinity different from Naomi, the former WWE Women's tag team champion said: "Definitely.

"I think Trinity is going to be a little more aggressive. Still fun, she still likes to dance, still likes to play, but a little tougher than Naomi was."

trinity impact wrestling
Impact Wrestling

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Looking ahead to her future in Impact, Trinity said: "It's going to be a great journey. I hate saying 'journey' but I don't know what else to say because that's what it really feels like.

"There's just so much newness. It's a big deal and was a big decision because it affects everything, my whole life, my schedule, my home life. It's a new chapter."

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