EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo talks love, his future kids and working with Little Mix

Jason Derulo has exclusively revealed to Yahoo Celeb he’s no longer single after splitting from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress Daphne Joy in May.

Jason derulo at the Teen Choice Awards(WENN)
Jason derulo at the Teen Choice Awards(WENN)

When we heard the hunky R ‘n’ B star had written the outrageously catchy song ‘Kiss The Sky’ for the new Warner Bros. animated movie ‘Storks’ we couldn’t resist the chance to sit down with him and chat about everything from work and his love life to making babies… and find out for Derulers what else the singer is fitting in before the fast-approaching end of 2016.

It just so happens that Jason is in the middle of writing his fifth studio album having released ‘Everything Is 4’ last year and it’s shaping up to be a love record about the “heartbreak” he’s experienced but also his “sexual” urges. Sounds steamy.

Proving he really does have superhuman energy for writing new music, he also added he has enough material to release an LP today.

He said: “(The album) is kind of like a rollercoaster ride, it takes a lot of different turns, there’s love and heartbreak, there’s a sexual aspect, fun, turned-up aspects, it goes a lot of different ways. I could release it today, but you know I’m going to keep going. I think I’ll probably release something top of the year.”

Jason Derulo (PA)
Jason Derulo (PA)

He teased there’ll be epic collaborations on the record just as big as his hit with Little Mix ‘Secret Love Song’.

Speaking about the girl group, he said: “Oh man, very sweet girls, I’ve sang with them a few times, I just love their spirit, they’re really passionate about their music and their fans, I enjoyed my time with them… I do have collaborations, I can’t say who yet but I have some really awesome collaborations.”

Perrie Edwards and Jason Derulo (WENN)
Perrie Edwards and Jason Derulo (WENN)

‘Storks’ is a fast paced and bright comedy starring ‘Brooklyn 99’ legend Adam Sandberg, Jennifer Aniston and Fraiser star Kelsey Grammar and is set in a baby making factory where storks are supposed to deliver little tots to families. It’s funny; go watch it. So naturally Yahoo Celeb asked the ‘Talk Dirty’ hitmaker if he wants kids, how many, and if he is in a relationship.

He said: “I definitely want kids. I used to think I want seven kids or something like. But after my nieces and my little nephews, that seems a lot. I think I’m cool with two. Two is good.”

Jason, who dated model Jordin Sparks in the past, revealed he’s off the market and though he’s super busy working he’ll always make time for romance.

Though he wouldn’t give away her identity, the singer said: “I’m in a situation. Yeah, I’m in a situation. You have time for whatever you want to have time for.”


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Finally, with the recent trauma Kim Kardashian West experienced being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, we asked the star does he ever worry about being targeted because he’s a celebrity.

He said: “You want to stay cautious, you always want to stay on your toes. I go with the flow, I take life as it comes. I hope they wouldn’t try me. I mean it’s unfortunate though, because you go into somebody else’s territory, they have the upper hand, there’s not very much you can do sometimes, even with extra security, if you’re in somebody’s turf and they have that, there’s not very much you can do.”

Storks is in UK cinemas now.