EXCLUSIVE: Liberty X’s Kevin Simm Lifts The Lid On The Voice Clash Between Paloma Faith And Boy George

This Saturday’s episode of The Voice is going to be unmissable telly as new coaches Paloma Faith and Boy George come to blows over one contestant in particular — and he just so happens to be a former member of Liberty X!

Kevin Simm, who scored No.1 hit Just A Little with the pop band in 2002, admits he was blindsided by the awkward clash between the judges that left Paloma running off set in tears.

“I just remember thinking they were being sarcastic towards each other, that it was a bit of banter … I remember a few catty remarks, I thought it was a laugh, but apparently it wasn’t,” he exclusively told Yahoo Celebrity.

The heated exchange occurred as George, 54, was giving his verdict on Kevin’s performance of Chandelier by Sia. Paloma, meanwhile, pretended to be falling asleep.

She said, "Is it finished, is it time for us to wake up?“

George hit back, "That’s extremely rude. Very rude.”

The Culture Club singer went on to remind Paloma he has “had a few” hits in the US - and she hasn’t. The drama continued, resulting in Paloma temporarily leaving the set.

Kevin first shot to fame on the original pop reality show, Popstars, in 2000 and went on to form Liberty X with the show’s other unsuccessful four finalists Kelli Young, Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor and Tony Lundon.

At the height of their fame they scored a massive No.1 with Just A Little and had a string of Top 10 hits.

The group called it a day in 2007 but briefly got back together for ITV2′s The Big Reunion in 2013.

Kevin admits he was nervous auditioning for The Voice after having a successful pop career and then returning to normal life.

“I was really worried,” he said. “When I filled in the application form I thought, ‘I could always turn back and not do it.’ Just being around the auditions and stuff, I was worried how people would perceive me and if I’d get any turns. I was worried about when they ask where you’re from and what you’ve done.”

Not one to brag about his past credentials, Kevin chose not to reveal his pop past to the coaches — but they managed to find out anyway. “Some of the crowd shouted it out and that’s how it came out [to the coaches],” he explained.

[Photo: Crawford Brown/REX Shutterstock]

The 35-year-old singer said he’s received support from his fellow Liberty X bandmates ahead of his audition airing on TV but it’s unlikely his newfound fame will spur a reunion.

Kevin said, “We never planned to do a [reunion], we got asked to do The Big Reunion and that was it really for us. It just would never work for us to do something like that again as a five-piece.”

Sadly for fans of the pop group, you shouldn’t expect Kevin to whip out Just A Little on The Voice if he manages to make it through to the live shows.

“No, I don’t think so,” he laughed when asked if he’d perform the No.1 smash hit. “I’m very proud of everything we achieved but I don’t think I could sing that whole song as well as the girls. I’d probably leave that.”

The Voice airs on Saturday at 7.45pm on BBC One