EXCLUSIVE The Voice UK live show: 8 things that you didn't see on TV

In case you missed it, last night was the first live show of this year’s The Voice UK, with Jennifer Hudson’s team taking to the stage in a bid to secure a spot in the upcoming Quarter Finals.

Mo Adeniran, Jamie Miller and Jack Bruley all got through to the next round, with Georgie Braggins, David Jackson and Tim Gallagher getting the boot – and Yahoo Celeb UK were lucky enough to be in the audience watching it all unfold.

We were lucky enough to go along to the first live show.

Of course the actual show was broadcast live into the homes of millions of people, meaning that you guys pretty much watched what we watched, however, here are 8 things that you didn’t see on the telly:

1. Jennifer Hudson’s son was cheering her on in the audience

Earlier in the day, Jennifer Hudson had taken to Instagram to share her joy after some relatives jetted over from the states to showcase their support during her first live show.

However, rather than hide away in the green room, the trio took Jennifer’s 7-year-old son, David, into the audience, sitting just two rows in front of us in the crowd.

Although the whole of #TeamJHud whooped and cheered their support for Jen throughout the show, it was David who stole the limelight as he cheered and boogied his way through the acts as well as cheering on his mum, bursting with pride.

2. Gavin Rossdale LOVES children

On the topic of adorable children, there were a few kids dotted around in the audience and coach Gavin Rossdale seemed hellbent on making their day.

We spotted the grunge singer looking out for children in the audience and waving at them at every available opportunity, with the little ones on the receiving end of his waves getting ridiculously excited when they realised that Gavin had noticed them.

Gavin made sure the children in the audience felt special.

Oh, and he was also more than happy to give up his famous red chair to a lucky studio audience member during one of the ad breaks, joking that he will do the rest of the show from the crowds.

3. Emma Willis was boiling…

We have to be honest, the studio did get pretty hot as the show progressed and we can’t imagine how much hotter it must have been for the stars of the show under the studio lights.

Host Emma Willis was having a particularly rough time with the heat, fanning herself during one ad break and asking the audience if they were “boiling” too – still, she carried on like an absolute pro.

4. …And she was also quite concerned about the standing audience members

As you saw on TV, some audience members were standing by the stage for the duration of the show, lucky enough to be right in the midst of the action as the singers performed.

Emma stunned in a Victoria Beckham gown… But she was pretty hot.

But Emma was still a little concerned about their poor legs; when she popped out before the show started, she asked in shock: “Do you guys have to stand for the whole time?” and in the final ad break she expressed her sympathy again, asking how they were holding up and if their “legs needed a rest now”.

Still, we can confirm that although the four red chairs were out of bounds, standing audience members were allowed to sit on the stage and surrounding steps when the show was off air.

5. The studio is HUGE

Most TV studios are surprisingly small in real life compared to how they look on TV, with both The X Factor and the Celebrity Big Brother house being surprisingly smaller when we visited them in previous years.

However, The Voice’s studio is absolutely huge, and it was clear to see that no expense had been spared when it came to ITV taking over the popular singing show.

6. The Voice is all about positivity

The Voice has always had a good reputation for being a much more positive singing competition, with no bad auditions being shown on TV and no novelty acts getting through.

The celebrity coaches are never nasty for the sake of being nasty and only give constructive criticism, with audience members cheering and supporting every act that graces the stage.

They’re all one big happy family.

We can now confirm that while some other talent shows encourage the booing of any negative comments or bad performances, The Voice actively discourage booing, instead asking the live audience to be as supportive as possible – creating a pretty lovely atmosphere.

7. Nobody realised Ant and Dec were broadcasting us live

If you tuned into Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, you’d have seen that the Geordie stars’ aired us live on their show to select a lucky audience member to go to the ‘Best Seat In The House’.

However, we had literally no pre-warning that this would be happening and when Ant and Dec flashed up on the screens the majority of the audience thought that it was some kind of commercial before Scarlett Moffatt walked into the studio to collect the lucky winner.

Scarlett surprised us all for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Two shows in one evening? We better get our IMDB page up and running…

8. Tom Jones smashed it

Well, to be honest, you did see this on the telly but there really are no words to say how powerful the legend Sir Tom Jones’ voice is in person, and we can also confirm that he wasn’t lip-syncing or miming in his performance of ‘You Can Keep Your Hat On’.

Tom once again proved what a superstar he is.

What an absolute hero.


Bonus fact: will.i.am was drinking coconut water throughout the show, how’s that for an exclusive, eh?

The Voice UK continue tonight at 7.45pm