Rishi Sunak says 'sorry' to public after Keir Starmer’s Labour wins UK election

Rishi Sunak on Friday apologised to the public after his Conservatives were trounced by Labour in the UK general election, saying he would step down as party leader. Prime Minister-elect Keir Starmer pledged to start a period of "national renewal" in the UK after Labour crossed the 326-seat threshold for a working majority in the House of Commons, defeating the ruling Conservatives in the general election.

Keir Starmer on Friday will become Britain's new prime minister, as his centre-left opposition Labour Party swept to a landslide general election victory, ending 14 years of right-wing Conservative rule.

"The Labour Party has won this general election, and I have called Sir Keir Starmer to congratulate him on his victory," a sombre-looking Rishi Sunak said after he was re-elected to his seat.

"Today, power will change hands in a peaceful and orderly manner with goodwill on all sides," the Tory leader added, calling the results "sobering" and saying he took responsibility for the defeat.

Speaking outside the prime minister's office in Downing Street later that morning, Sunak apologised to the public and said he would step down as Conservative party leader.

"I am sorry," he said before leaving Downing Street to tender his resignation as prime minister to King Charles III. "I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility."

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