Expectant Father's Joke About Having Twins Comes True

A man in Lincoln, Arkansas, catching a glimpse of ultrasound images was startled when his joke about having twins with his partner turned out to be the truth.

In a TikTok video by Brooklyn Keeling, the couple can be seen examining the ultrasound images together.

When Keeling’s partner Dylan playfully suggested that it looked like they were having twins, he was completely taken aback to learn that he was right.

“He jokingly guessed it was twins, and then realized it wasn’t a joke when I confirmed,” she said.

According to Keeling, Dylan had missed the first ultrasound appointment due to “work obligations,” so she decided to wait until they were both home from work to show him the ultrasound pictures.

The video of his reaction to the unexpected news has since gone viral, with nearly one million views at the time of writing. Credit: Brooklyn Keeling via Storyful