Expel your demons: An exorcist explains how to keep your energy clear in 2024

A real, live demon-banishing exorcist shares her secrets for blocking negative energy and keeping vibes high in 2024.
A real, live demon-banishing exorcist shares her secrets for blocking negative energy and keeping vibes high in 2024.

Exorcise your demons, my babies.

From resolutions to blood oaths channeled to make us better, January is high time to take steps that serve our greater good and future selves.

For Rachel Stavis — a nondenominational exorcist, apex Pisces and author of “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” — furthering our personal growth means shedding the dead and cleansing any dark entities that may have attached themselves to us.

Of 2024, Stavis says it “is all about passion, fearlessness, and making your dreams come true! To align with this energy, you’ll need to keep your vibes high and block out those negative energies that try to come in!”

Stavis says she has performed more than 10,000 exorcisms, from rock stars and Hollywood elites to stay-at-home moms. Her mission is to facilitate global change, bringing people out of the darkness by clearing negative entities, attachments and residual trauma.

Stavis personally exorcised the infamous Alfred Rosenheim Mansion, aka the Los Angeles “Murder House” featured in FX’s “American Horror Story.” She keeps a journal of her most extreme cases, a chronicle that is being adapted for a feature film, Stavis says.

How and why do entities attach themselves?

Stavis estimates that 85% of the population experiences some level of attachment/possession.

How much purging does the average person require? Stavis explains that because “entities don’t like to share,” there is only ever one baddie at a time that requires the kiss-off.

As for how and why the draining forces attach themselves to us, Stavis says that it’s supernatural trauma bonding.

“We are most susceptible to entity attachment when we go through trauma. Entities are low vibrational beings looking for an energetic match to ‘feed’ off of — the energies need to be similar to them to sustain an attachment,” Stavis reveals. “Different entities look for different things: sadness, anger issues, specific kinds of trauma, etc.

“When we are doing well and working on ourselves, our vibration is up. But when we experience trauma, that energetic frequency takes a hit — this makes it easy for entities to come in and feed from us.”

How to avoid possession

To clear the air and sever an attachment, Stavis suggests spending time outdoors and extending kind gestures to others — both actions that can raise us to a higher vibrational state.

The key to avoiding attachment? “Don’t be an a–hole. The higher frequency you become, the more starvation happens with attachment.”

Stavis also recommends combatting negativity with a manifesting journal.

“Each week write just ONE thing you want to bring into your life. Whenever negative thoughts come in, switch your focus back to what you want to manifest,” she advises. “Negative thoughts, energies and attachments hinder our ability to bring our dreams to fruition; this helps keep us on the right path.”

To maintain a blissfully high-frequency living space, Stavis recommends burning a resin or diffused oil blend of “copal (to neutralize energy), frankincense (to bring in high-frequency energy), rose (to bring in love/self-love into the space), myrrh (to harmonize the space) and sandalwood (to protect and seal the energy).”

Get right, clear and demon-free in just 3 steps and 5 minutes a day

As we enter the Year of the Dragon and grapple with the North Node in Aries and Pluto’s reign in Aquarius, the astrological energy of 2024 supports fearlessness, progress and the reclamation of personal power for collective betterment — all stuff we can’t accomplish with malignant forces hanging from our hair.

See below for Stavis’ tips for blocking negative energy, communicating with spirit guides and keeping vibes high in 2K24 via her 30-Day Connection to Spirit practice.

STEP 1: Remove the unwanted

“Wherever and whenever you feel comfortable, take a few deep breaths, then ask (aloud or otherwise), ‘I’m asking Spirit (or angels, or light beings, whatever you prefer) to enter my body and spirit and remove any unwanted energies, attachments, blocks, etc., out of my body and spirit space.’ You will feel this working (rushes of the spine, tingling in the crown, other).

“If you are very blocked, it may take up to a week to feel it, but keep going!” she encourages.

“PLEASE NOTE: There is no spiritual danger in doing this work. High Beings need your consent to help you – that’s why it’s important to ask! They care about your free will; lower attachments do not.”

STEP 2: Hold space for gratitude

“When you feel ready, move on to holding a space of gratitude,” Stavis explains. “What are you grateful for today? Big or small. Gratitude will work to raise your frequency quickly and put you in a space of receiving.”

STEP 3: Pay attention

“Tell spirit you are ready to receive their messages, love, protection, blessings and anything else they want to share! Then PAY ATTENTION to animal spirits, feathers, coins, synchronicities, song lyrics and more!” she declares. “This is how they begin to communicate. Look up angel numbers, feather colors, etc., to aid understanding. And that’s it! A VERY simple way to stay clean and keep rising!”

There you have it, folks: beat back the baddies and ready yourself for a resplendent year ahead.

For more information on Rachel Stavis and her empire of light-bearing banishment, visit her website here.

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