The Expense of the Expanse: Mount Everest

Climbers and Sherpas on Mt. Everest
Climbers and Sherpas on Mount Everest.Business Insider

It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: climbing guides who lead mountaineers to the summit of Mount Everest. These guides — often people of the Sherpa ethnic group — set the course, carry heavy loads, and provide emergency services.

For this, they can be paid up to $10,000 per expedition. But with the deathly risks involved, is it really so expensive?

These stories track the journey to base camp and beyond as we break down the costs involved, unpack the gear necessary to make the ascent, explore the hidden hotels along the trail, and delve into the costly waste-removal process — all from the perspective of the Sherpas who work on the mountain.


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