Expert reveals 'worst mistake' you should never do when mowing your lawn

Mowing the lawn.
There are some mistakes you can make when cutting your grass -Credit:Getty

One gardening expert has revealed the one thing you should never do when mowing your lawn as it could be a 'recipe for disaster'.

Lawns that have been well looked-after and are impossibly green can be the envy of neighbours and passersby - but this is difficult to achieve.

While the lawn shouldn't take much effort to maintain, it does take a little more than just the occasional mowing and watering, reports the Express.

Many people "unintentionally sabotage" their lawns with stupid mistakes - but how do you avoid this and keep your grassy patch looking lovely?

Gardening expert Oliver Johnson at has shared some of the most common lawn mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

1. Overwatering the lawn

While water is essential for keeping a lawn healthy, too much of it can be "disastrous", according to Oliver.

Overwatering the lawn can lead to waterlogging which decreases root development and make it look unhealthy. If we've had a lot of rain then you may not need to water your lawn at all.

During dry spells, aim for roughly an inch of water per week to keep your lawn watered and healthy.

2. Scalping the lawn

It's important not to overwater the lawn -Credit:Getty

Cutting your lawn too short is "a recipe for disaster" according to Oliver.

While it may seem like it saves time to cut the grass shorter, scalping it "stresses the grass" and makes it vulnerable to pests, drought and disease.

According to Chris Bonnett, founder of Gardening Express, the "worst mistake you can make" when you have long grass is to cut it too short as it will "damage the roots, encourage weeds and damage lawnmowers".

You should aim for an average height of around three inches as a general rule as this allows the grass to stay strong and grow quick.

3. Fertilising the lawn wrong

Fertilising can be an amazing way to keep your lawn health but you need to remember to keep it balanced. Using the wrong fertiliser for your grass can damage it and adding too much can be "detrimental", according to the expert.

4. Failing to aerate your lawn

Aerating the grass on the regular is a "crucial" task to complete if gardeners want some "healthy growth".

To aerate the lawn, you poke holes in the surface of the lawn with a garden fork or aerator to allow water and essential nutrients to penetrate more effectively.

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