Expert says 30p natural hack will stop cats pooing in your garden plants

tabby white british shorthair cat hiding in the bushes observing the area
You can keep cats out of your garden while reducing food waste -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

With summer just around the corner, gardeners are once again tending to their outdoor space after many miserable, cold months.

But there are certain things gardeners will run into that are less than pleasant and this includes coming across disgusting cat poo Owners will be all too familiar with the issue of pets, especially cats, defecating in unwanted places.

Luckily, Catrin George, animal wellbeing specialist at Animal Friends Pet Insurance, has shared her 30p hack for preventing this - ensuring your garden is a place for both you and your pet to enjoy. It turns out that some simple peelings of zingy fruits like oranges or lemons will do the trick.

Catrin explained: “Whether your own cats or neighbours’ cats are responsible for pooping in your garden, it can be a challenge to manage. While this can be annoying, it’s important not to use deterrents that are dangerous to cats.

“Our favourite hack for preventing a cat from defecating in your garden is to scatter some citrus peel (orange and lemon are best!) around your flowerbed. Cats have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and despise overpowering scents such as citrus - so this makes the perfect natural deterrent to ward kitties away.”

Lemons currently retail at Tesco for 30p each and as it's just the peel required, you can use the actual fruit for how you see fit.

Even if you're not a cat parent, you may experience neighbouring felines who see your garden as a designated bathroom. Not only is it unpleasant, but cat poop is also riddled with parasites that can make humans sick, so it's best to try and keep them out all together.

The warmer months means that gardeners will be noticing plenty of other bugs and animals, which can be a problem. These days, many people like to opt for more natural methods to repel them over killing them with toxic poisons.

For instance, ants love to make themselves more well-known as the weather gets better, often resulting in the pests invading homes. One way to keep them out is to make a homemade solution using vinegar and lemons, which won't break the bank

Like cats, rats also can't stand certain scents, including ones naturally emitted from certain plants to help "keep them at bay".

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