Expert says drivers can ignore some parking tickets and throw them away

A parking charge notice left on a car
A parking charge notice left on a car -Credit:Liverpool Echo

Returning to your vehicle only to find a parking ticket placed on your windscreen is an experience no motorist wishes for. However, according to an expert, some tickets can go 'straight in the bin'.

Lucia Ariano, a reporter for Which? said that unclear signage, charges surpassing £100, or reasonable grounds, such as poor health or car malfunction, allow motorists to contest their fine.

She detailed in an online post reported by the Echo, that if the enforcement company isn't part of a recognised trade organisation - like the British Parking Association or the Independent Parking Committee - then motorists can refuse to pay the fine. In Ariano's words: "[The company] won't be able to get your details from the DVLA to make you pay."

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If the enforcement firm is, however, affiliated with such bodies, Ariano continues to encourage drivers to write an appeal letter potentially backed by evidence such as photographs showcasing inadequate signs or other proof of any extenuating situations, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Official entities, including police and local councils, may also distribute parking fines, which will generally require payment.

For potential appellants, free template letters are available on Which?'s official site.