Expert warns against booking seat 11A on a plane and says 'avoid at all costs'

Tray Table on an Airplane
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An expert has told holidaymakers to consider their bathroom routines when reserving a seat. Brenna Ryan from Victorian Plumbing has compiled a list sharing the best and worst aircraft seats considering toilet access, including that one specific seat to avoid at any cost.

She cautioned: "When choosing where to sit on a flight there are a few important factors to note. Think about how often you visit the toilet, if the answer is pretty frequently, take that into account when deciding which seat to book."

The plumbing expert stressed total avoidance of the middle plane area: "The first thing to consider is which part of the plane to sit on, planes usually have a toilet both at the front and back, so look to sit there when possible and avoid the middle of the plane furthest from the toilets."

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Regular 'loo-visitors' should steer clear of window seats: "Secondly, when choosing between the window, middle or aisle seat, think about how often you will be getting up and down."

"I feel you might be frequenting the toilet multiple times throughout the flight, go for an aisle seat, this ensures you won't need to sidestep people to exit your seat and make it to the toilet."

Nevertheless, those who sit too close to the toilet will always have to face a queue of passengers: "One thing to note when choosing a seat with good access to the toilet is that you don't want to be too close to the front or back of the plane."

"Sitting too close to the toilet can mean your seat is constantly blocked by people queuing to use the loo and there may even be a smell coming from the toilets."

The expert concluded that the best option is 4C, while 11A should be avoided. "The worst seat on the plane is 11A, not only is this seat further away from the bathroom, but it is also a window seat which makes it more difficult to manoeuvre out of for frequent bathroom breaks. Not only do these issues cause inconvenience, but the seat also boasts no windows, despite being a so-called window seat."

On the other hand, "the very best seat option on a plane for a comfortable and odourless trip with great toilet access is 4C".

She explained: "This seat is an aisle seat towards the front of the plane and isn't too close to the front of the aircraft that you have people queuing for the toilet next to you. It's also far enough away from any odours coming from the bathroom."