Experts issue 'don't do it' warning for anyone looking to redecorate their kitchen

Painting kitchen cabinets
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Anyone keen to give their kitchen a bit of a refresh for summer has been warned against carrying out a very popular DIY job, as it could end up causing much more harm than good.

Home renovations can be really expensive, so if you're bored with how things are looking, budget-friendly projects are the way to go - and they can really make such a difference.

Even just a lick of paint can transform the look of any room, especially a tired-looking kitchen. Many people tend to paint the surfaces or worktops in a bid to give them a new lease of life, but according to experts, this might not be a good idea.

Paint and interiors expert, Anjelica Delfino from Valspar Paint has debunked some of the most popular budget DIY hacks swirling about social media. New kitchens can be expensive, so you may have seen content creators talking about painting theirs instead of replacing them.

However, using paint where food is being prepped – and where water is around – can create a haven for bacteria. A lot of worktops are made from laminate, meaning that the paint won’t bond to the surface as it is designed to be impervious.

Minor bumps will cause chips that bacteria can get into, right where you’re prepping food.

Another common household hack circulating on social media is the 'paper' wall repair trick, which is seen as a quick, easy and cheap way to hide any holes in the wall.

The method involves covering any holes with a piece of paper before painting over it with emulsion. It’s not recommended for a number of reasons but most importantly it doesn’t fix the hole in the wall.

Not long after the piece of paper is painted over, the wet paint will seep through the paper revealing the hole once again. If the paint doesn’t seep through, bubbles of air would appear where the piece of paper is, since there’s air behind the wall.

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