Experts say these parking tickets 'can go straight in the bin'

Returning to find a parking charge notice affixed to your vehicle can be a nail-biting experience, yet one specialist has revealed that certain parking fines "can go straight in the bin".

Lucia Ariano, Which? video journalist, shared in an online video that motorists have the right to appeal a parking ticket on grounds such as unclear signage, if the penalty surpasses £100, or in cases of mitigating circumstances like sudden ill health or a car breakdown.

She further explained that fines issued by parking companies that are not members of either the British Parking Association or the Independent Parking Committee can be disregarded. Lucia stated: "[The company] won't be able to get your details from the DVLA to make you pay."


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For parking firms that are credited, she elaborated, an appeal letter can be written, with any supporting evidence like pictures of inadequate signposts or proof of any extraordinary conditions to be included, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Official entities such as councils and police can issue parking notices, which will normally require immediate payment.

Which? provides complimentary templates for those wishing to contest a parking ticket on its website.