Experts share the safest places to park a car - and it's not your driveway

Newly built homes with cars parked on driveways.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Private driveways may not be the safest place for motorists to park their cars, according to new research.

Data compiled by experts at One Sure Insurance has found that public driveways are the safest options for parked vehicles against car thefts, with rates in the reaching the highest in over a decade. The specialists have shared the other places in the UK to avoid parking, as well as the safest parking spots for cars.

In a warning to UK drivers, the riskiest parking locations were found to be apartment driveways, as well as apartment car parks and car ports. It comes as over 130,000 vehicles were stolen in 2023, with One Insurance analysing data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Through this, the company learned that semi-private locations around the home account for the majority of car theft incidents at 43 per cent. Experts have also warned Brits that on-street parking near the home accounts for almost one in five thefts, Birmingham Live reports..

The data showed street parking near workplaces is the safest place to park, followed by public car parks in shopping centres and town centres, both at five per cent. Private home locations, such as locked garages, are also relatively safe, accounting for seven per cent of incidents.

A spokesperson at One Sure Insurance said: “Our research shows 43% of incidents occur in semi-private areas around the home which is shocking. We would encourage drivers to ensure their vehicles are locked, windows are shut, especially during hot summer months, and that you have adequate lighting around driveways to help deter thieves.

"On-street parking near workplaces is generally safer due to increased CCTV and pedestrian traffic. If you are parking on the street near your home for a long duration, it is important to ensure your windows and sunroofs are closed, and that any personal items are removed from the car," they added.

“On driveaways, an increasing number of cars are stolen due to flaws in the modern keyless entry system. Thieves boost signals from the key to unlock and start the car. In order to deter this type of theft, we recommend using a Faraday box to store your key since this is an affordable way to enhance security.”

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