Experts uncover 'surprising' list of top 10 cheapest Europe holiday destinations

Greek islands were found to be among the cheapest options for a summer getaway
Greek islands were found to be among the cheapest options for a summer getaway -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Consumer experts have uncovered the top 10 cheapest places in Europe to jet off for a summer holiday - with some "surprising" lesser-known destinations on the list.

Research from Which? on more than 4,500 package holidays found that the least expensive options were often in locations that Brits usually "assume to come with a higher price tag", such as Greek islands or Italy's Amalfi coast. On the other hand, places typically thought of as "low-cost destinations", like Turkey and Bulgaria, failed to make the top 10.

Analysis was carried out on seven-night packages available for the first week of August this year in 70 regions across 15 European countries, and revealed that holidaymakers can save hundreds of pounds depending on the destination they choose. The cheapest price on average was for breaks on the tiny Greek island of Kalymnos, standing at £847 per person.

Which? said the "surprising" list of the most budget-friendly locations is in part due to the type of packages available, with the Amalfi coast having a wide choice of accommodation options on either a self-catering or bed and breakfast basis, which is usually cheaper than full board packages. There are also lots of budget flights to the region.

The top 10 cheapest destinations in Europe for a package holiday are as follows according to Which?, with the average seven-night cost per person:

  1. Kalymnos, Greece (£847)

  2. Thassos, Greece (£862)

  3. Lefkada, Greece (£935)

  4. Costa Brava, Spain (£952)

  5. Venetian Riviera, Italy (£965)

  6. Amalfi Coast, Italy (£977)

  7. Skopelos, Greece (£985)

  8. Costa de la Luz, Spain (£994)

  9. Campania, Italy (£998)

  10. Malta (£1,006)

Rory Boland, editor of magazine Which? Travel, said: "Travelling in the summer holidays is notoriously expensive, and demand is again high this year – but our latest price analysis shows that by being flexible on your destination, you can potentially save hundreds of pounds.

"Many of the locations we found aren’t those you'd necessarily assume would be the cheapest – but from tiny, traditional Greek islands to the glitzy Amalfi coast, there are bargains to be found this summer."