Extinction Rebellion 'to temporarily shift away from public disruption'

Extinction Rebellion (XR) says it has taken a decision to "temporarily shift away from public disruption" as a tactic to highlight its cause.

The climate protest group said in a statement entitled "We Quit" that it wanted to become more inclusive by broadening its appeal to focus on the issues affecting the planet rather than alienating people through stunts and direct action.

It admitted "very little has changed" as a result of the tactics used over the past four years, which have notably included oil terminal blockades to disrupt fuel supplies.

Other tactics employed by the group have seen windows smashed at Barclays bank HQ in London's Canary Wharf, the blocking of bridges in the capital during rush hour and the spraying of fake blood over the Treasury.

XR warned the climate crisis was accelerating and said it wanted more people to feel they could be part of a public protest movement to pursue meaningful change, as opposed to finding themselves behind bars.

The statement said: "We must be radical in our response to this crisis and determined in our efforts to address the climate and ecological emergency, even if it means taking a different approach than before.

"In a time when speaking out and taking action are criminalised, building collective power, strengthening in number and thriving through bridge-building is a radical act.

"XR is committed to including everyone in this work and leaving no one behind, because everyone has a role to play.

"This year, we prioritise attendance over arrest and relationships over roadblocks, as we stand together and become impossible to ignore."

Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain give no hints they will change tactics

Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain - two groups which spun out of XR - have given no hints that they intend to follow suit and place a greater emphasis on dialogue over disruption.

They have repeatedly caused major delays to major roads, especially within London and on the surrounding M25, through blockades and bridge-top protests.

Just Stop Oil has faced criticism over a refusal among activists to allow ambulances through human barriers.

Call for mass protest outside Houses of Parliament

For its part, XR said a highlight of its new tactics would be a mass protest in Westminster starting on 21 April.

It called for 100,000 people to join in.

The invite said: "Surrounding the Houses of Parliament day after day in large numbers means we can leave the locks, glue and paint behind and instead demonstrate faith in a critical mass of people to create a moment that's impossible to ignore."