F1 LIVE! Dutch Grand Prix result, race stream, updates and latest news as Verstappen wins and Hamilton angry

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F1 LIVE! Dutch Grand Prix result, race stream, updates and latest news as Verstappen wins and Hamilton angry

F1 Dutch Grand Prix LIVE!

Max Verstappen triumphed at a dramatic Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday. The reigning world champion moved 109 points clear in a one-horse 2022 title race after an engrossing strategy battle with Mercedes, whose late gamble cost Lewis Hamilton dearly and left the seven-time world champion absolutely furious.

It was a 10th victory of the season already for Verstappen, who has turned his first championship defence into a procession with only seven races to go this season, starting with Ferrari’s home outing at Monza next weekend. George Russell matched his career-best result by crossing the line in second, with Charles Leclerc third after both passed sitting duck Hamilton late on.

More glory for Red Bull on home turf for Verstappen in front of his adoring Orange Army, with plenty of recriminations surely to follow at Mercedes, with Hamilton feeling his team cost him a very real chance of victory in the Netherlands. Follow reaction from the Dutch Grand Prix LIVE with Standard Sport’s blog below!

Dutch Grand Prix latest news

  • Verstappen wins dramatic home race

  • Hamilton furious after costly Mercedes call

  • Russell matches career-best result with P2

16:18 , George Flood

George Russell reaction

16:12 , George Flood

“The team result wasn’t quite what we hoped for, but we, as Mercedes, are getting closer to that top step so we will keep pushing.”

Max Verstappen reaction

16:12 , George Flood

“Before that safety car I thought it was OK, but then I thought ‘we can’t keep it up if we don’t pit’.

“I had a good run on the restart and we had a really good balance in the car.

“It was not a straightforward race. It is always special to win your home grand prix, it was last year and this year, I had to work for it even more. I am proud to be Dutch.”

16:11 , George Flood

Just one of Hamilton’s expletive-ridden late radio messages...

“I can’t believe you guys, f****** f***** me,” he blasted. “I can’t tell you how f***** I am.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall at that Mercedes debrief.

Final classification

15:53 , George Flood

15:45 , George Flood

The Circuit Zandvoort is bathed in a sea of orange smoke from those Orange Army flares as Verstappen celebrates his 10th win of the season - matching his tally from his title-winning 2021 campaign.

His title lead this year is now 109 points with seven races remaining, with Leclerc back above Perez in second.

15:44 , George Flood

P2 for George Russell, Charles Leclerc third and a furious Lewis Hamilton crossing the line in fourth.

Spicy recriminations loom at Mercedes.

15:41 , George Flood



Those flare searches were clearly stringent again.

At least they haven’t been chucked on the track today though.

15:40 , George Flood

Verstappen leading by over four seconds on the penultimate lap.

It’s been far from straightforward, but he’s going to delight his adoring Orange Army once more!

15:39 , George Flood

Perez goes onto the gravel and feels he was pushed off by Sainz!

Perez loses a lot of time and has Alonso to deal with now.

15:38 , George Flood

Hamilton’s post-race interviews should be fireworks.

He is furious and wondering why he was left on the mediums with all the cars around him on softs.

Verstappen is four seconds ahead of Russell by the way, cruising to another victory.

15:36 , George Flood

Five laps to go and Verstappen is on for an eventful victory in his home grand prix to take another big step towards retaining his title.

Russell second, with Leclerc third ahead of Hamilton.

Sainz is fifth, but has Perez all over him.

Sainz is now given a five-second time penalty for that unsafe release in the pits.

15:33 , George Flood

Hamilton’s mood won’t be improved as he’s now passed on lap 66 of 72 by Leclerc.

From looking at a potential victory at the Circuit Zandvoort, he’s now off the podium and down in fourth.

This is turning into a nightmare for the seven-time world champion.

15:31 , George Flood

“This was the biggest f**k up,” says a furious Hamilton.

Russell and Hamilton almost collide as the former overtakes down the straight!

Wow. Lewis is absolutely apoplectic.

Another X-rated message goes over the radio.

It’s going to be a lively post-race debrief in that Silver Arrows garage.

15:29 , George Flood

Sainz and Perez almost made contact after that restart.

So Verstappen leads once again from Hamilton, with Russell third, Leclerc fourth, Sainz fifth, Perez sixth.

Alonso is seventh, ahead of Norris, Ocon and Stroll.

15:26 , George Flood

The safety car goes in and Verstappen and Hamilton are immediately wheel-to-wheel!

Verstappen easily goes past him on the main straight.

Verstappen leads this race once again!

15:25 , George Flood

Russell made that call himself to go onto the softs.

Not sure Hamilton will thank him for that, he would surely have preferred that one-car buffer to Max.

Jenson Button is expressing his shock that Mercedes went along with it, despite it being the right call for Russell.

Will it cost them this race?

Safety car coming in on this lap.

12 to go. Can Hamilton fend off Verstappen?

15:22 , George Flood

An unsafe release from Ferrari on Sainz, who almost hits Alonso!

So much going on here. Russell is now on softs, Hamilton still on the mediums.

Verstappen on the softs and in second.

15:20 , George Flood

The safety car is taking the drivers through the pit lane while they remove Bottas’ Alfa Romeo from the main straight.

15:17 , George Flood

Yep, it’s a safety car!

Verstappen pits for softs!

Hamilton stays out and is going to take the lead of the race.

Verstappen comes out behind Russell!

Major drama at the Circuit Zandvoort.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

15:15 , George Flood

Sainz is trying desperately to get past Ocon and take sixth place.

But yellow flags are waving after Bottas pulls up down the main straight.

Another safety car looming?

Sainz might be in trouble here for committing to that successful move on Sainz with the unfortunate Bottas stopped alongside.

15:15 , George Flood

Vettel gets a five-second time penalty for ignoring those blue flags.

Hamilton and Russell are now on mediums, with Hamilton setting better sector times than Verstappen on the hards.

He’s eating into his lead.

15:13 , George Flood

So essentially that VSC means we’ve gone from a situation where Verstappen was likely going to have to try and pass both Russell and Hamilton to win this race, to one where Hamilton will have to try and get beyond Max.

The race completely changed in an instant.

15:11 , George Flood

“That VSC has stuffed us” laments Hamilton over the team radio.

Can he still take the fight to Verstappen?

The FIA are definitely going to investigate what happened with Tsunoda and AlphaTauri.

15:10 , George Flood

So Mercedes obviously knew Verstappen was going to pit under the VSC and keep the lead and decided to double stack to try and put themselves in the best possible position.

The VSC has really hurt them, though.

The VSC is ending, so Verstappen leads with Hamilton chasing and Russell in third, with 22 of the 72 laps to go.

None of this has been good news for Ferrari or Leclerc, who is fourth. Perez fifth, Ocon sixth, Sainz seventh.

Norris, Alonso and Stroll fill out the top 10 as things stand.

15:06 , George Flood

Verstappen is now pitting under the VSC, with a pair of hard tyres going on.

Is he going to keep the lead here?

Hamilton is now pitting as well! A double stack as Russell also comes in.

15:05 , George Flood

Tsunoda tells the team that there is an issue with the rear of his car.

He’s told to pull over again and does so, but doesn’t look to be parked up near an escape hatch.

Race control decide on a virtual safety car.

15:04 , George Flood

Surely Verstappen has to pit soon to be in position to fight with Hamilton at the end of this race?

My how he would have wanted that safety car! But he isn’t going to get it.

A long stop for Tsunoda, they seem to be checking his seatbelt and plenty of other components.

A slightly bizarre episode, this.

15:02 , George Flood

It looks like we might have a safety car with Tsunoda stopped by the side of the track, with the Red Bull and Ferrari pit crews momentarily standing down.

Tsunoda’s front left is loose but he’s told the tyres are okay and rejoins the race. That AlphaTauri is not moving well, though.

Leclerc pitting, so Hamilton now second behind Verstappen, with Russell third.

15:00 , George Flood

Perez is now plotting a route past Norris, with his pace picking up immeasurably after switching for the hard tyres.

Norris himself was an early beneficiary of switching for the hards, following the example set by Alpine and Alonso.

Plan C is now active for Leclerc. Are they going to try and leave him out for the rest of the race?

Perez now ahead of Norris going into Turn 1.

Tsunoda has stopped by the side of the track.

14:57 , George Flood

Verstappen is asked for his thoughts on tyre compounds.

“This doesn’t feel spectacular,” he replies about those mediums.

Perez pits for hard tyres and comes out seventh, ahead of Alonso. Norris behind Sainz in sixth.

Vettel is under investigation for ignoring blue flags when he came out of the pits ahead of Hamilton and Perez.

14:55 , George Flood

Russell, also running on the hard tyres, has little trouble in passing Perez himself on lap 39.

This is trouble for Verstappen, who doesn’t want to come out behind both Mercedes cars when he pits next.

Leclerc will also have to get a shift on to avoid being swallowed up by those speedy Silver Arrows.

14:52 , George Flood

Hamilton gets past Perez at the second time of asking! Superb driving around the outside and a worry for Verstappen in the lead.

But Vettel comes out of the pit lane at exactly the wrong time for Hamilton!

Hamilton still third, though. 20 seconds adrift of Verstappen.

Leclerc running in second.

14:50 , George Flood

Almost a scary collision between Magnussen and Bottas.

Hamilton is all over the back of Perez and has DRS, tries to pass but can’t get through despite Checo locking up.

But with Hamilton’s pace at the moment, it’s just a matter of time.

Vettel into the pits for the second time today.

14:48 , George Flood

So as we stand through 34 of 72 laps, Verstappen leads from Leclerc, with Perez third but Hamilton lapping faster than anyone on those hard tyres in fourth.

All of the top three are on mediums.

So Verstappen will have to stop again and presumably have to pass Hamilton to win this race, with Lewis surely going to find Perez no bother as things stand.

A thrilling tactical fight.

14:46 , George Flood

Verstappen has just told Red Bull to keep watch on the hard tyres, but he doesn’t think it would be good for him.

As he says that, Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race on his hard compounds!

Russell pits and he’s back out in fifth, ahead of Sainz. What a disaster that botched pit stop was for the Ferrari.

14:42 , George Flood

Ricciardo has just pitted for the second time for McLaren, now equipped with a set of hard tyres.

Verstappen trying to hunt down Hamilton. It’s like 2021 all over again!

But now is obviously the time to pit and Mercedes do so, fitting Hamilton with a pair of hard tyres.

How are Red Bull going to react in terms of strategy? This is fascinating stuff at the moment and a crucial part of the race.

14:40 , George Flood

Commentator’s curse!

Verstappen does brilliantly to manoeuvre around Russell at a flat corner, with the Brit possibly going the wrong way as he tried desperately to hold off the world champion.

He’s up into second. And he needed that.

14:39 , George Flood

This is looking good for the Silver Arrows at the moment.

Hamilton has a decent buffer, with Verstappen struggling a bit behind Russell and not going quick enough.

14:36 , George Flood

“Start to eek up on Russell” is the message delivered to Verstappen by engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.

Leclerc, meanwhile, is told over his radio that Hamilton may try a one-stop strategy.

Is that what Mercedes are looking at?

14:34 , George Flood

Onto lap 24 of 72, with Hamilton still leading from Russell, with neither Mercedes having pitted yet on those mediums.

Verstappen third, ahead of Leclerc, Perez, Sainz, Norris, Stroll, Alonso and Ocon.

All 20 cars are still running at the Circuit Zandvoort.

14:32 , George Flood

“A mess,” says Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto when asked by Sky Sports about that Sainz stop.

It seems that the mechanics may not have been given enough warning by the engineers.

They are also facing punishment for leaving that wheel gun where they did.

Tsunoda under investigation for speeding in the pit lane.


14:28 , George Flood

It’s now a Mercedes one-two at the front - Hamilton leading Russell - after Verstappen does indeed follow Leclerc into the pits.

Not the fastest of stops from Verstappen, who is onto a set of medium tyres.

Norris and Ocon have now followed Alonso’s lead with the hard tyres.

Hamilton and Russell both started on the mediums remember, so those on the softs were always going to pit earlier.

So a two-stop race it is then...

14:27 , George Flood

Verstappen reports that his soft tyres seem to be holding up at the moment.

But he’ll surely be in soon and Leclerc is now pitting, with Ferrari doing much better there.

Scores of drivers are now taking their first pit stops around lap 18.

Alonso has been the only driver running on the hard tyres, and his times are impressive.

14:25 , George Flood

Ferrari look to have left the wheel gun in a dangerous place there, which Perez is bitterly complaining about. No damage to his floor, thankfully.

What on earth happened at that pit stop?!

Ferrari were all at sea and looked like they didn’t have the right tyres or an issue putting on the back left.

Another procedural nightmare for the Scuderia.

14:23 , George Flood

Sainz in on lap 15, he’s having to be held as Perez is now coming down the pit lane!

12.7secs stationary... a disaster for the Spaniard. He’s coming back out in 11th. Is that a podium place gone?

Were the team ready?! It looked like they couldn’t locate some equipment.

Schumacher has also had issues in the pits.

14:22 , George Flood

Alonso with a somewhat slow stop on lap 13 and he’s now got a pair of hard tyres. Interesting strategy.

Zhou has also pitted for Alfa Romeo, followed by Tsunoda, Schumacher and Latifi.

Meanwhile, the gap between Verstappen and Leclerc at the front is now nearly two-and-a-half seconds.

14:19 , George Flood

Magnussen is struggling to get his bearings early on here, he’s duelling with Latifi for 18th place.

Alonso gains another place at the expense of another AlphaTauri, with Tsunoda passed.

Drivers on the softs are reporting a lot of tyre degradation early on.

Ricciardo has already been in the pits for a new set of mediums.

Something to watch as it’s still so early.

14:17 , George Flood

Sparks fly off the bottom of Alonso’s Alpine as he uses the long straight to zip past Gasly heading into Tarzan Corner.

That was a bit of a late move and ended up being close, but no contact and he’s now sitting 12th.

14:15 , George Flood

Hamilton gets a bit too close to Sainz there on lap eight and loses some downforce.

Gasly and Alonso, meanwhile, are now battling furiously behind Tsunoda in 11th.

Vettel was the other driver to gain a couple of places early on, he’s now running in 17th.

Schumacher will be very disappointed after his best qualifying session in the dry conditions, he’s still 10th after starting P7.

Some fine rain in the air at the Circuit Zandvoort, but the teams not worried about that at present.

14:12 , George Flood

Sainz is looking slow - much slower than Ferrari team-mate Leclerc - and Hamilton is pushing hard for an overtake through lap six.

Verstappen’s lead has gone above one second, though Leclerc has just set a new fastest lap to take some time out of that.

Watch: Magnussen hits the wall

14:11 , George Flood

14:09 , George Flood

Replays show there was a little contact between Hamilton and Sainz as the seven-time world champion attacked at Turn 1.

But merely a slight brush I think, nothing to cause any damage to either car.

Russell has now regained that spot from Norris, by the way.

14:06 , George Flood

Magnussen into the barrier on lap two!

He veers off in the Haas, over the gravel and clips the wall.

But he ends up back on the track and will continue.

14:05 , George Flood

So Verstappen away nicely, followed by both Ferraris.

Not sure if Sainz and Hamilton actually touched there, but it was mighty close.

Hamilton holds onto fourth ahead of Perez, with Norris up into sixth ahead of Russell.

Stroll has also risen to eighth after a fine start, with Ocon up into ninth - he started P12 - and Schumacher running in 10th.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:04 , George Flood

The front three all get away well, but there’s then contact between Sainz and Hamilton!

Norris is ahead of Russell...


14:04 , George Flood

Lights out and we’re away!

14:01 , George Flood

There is an extended second DRS zone in operation at the Circuit Zandvoort today, by the way, in a bid to improve the potential for overtaking on a track where that can prove tough, as we saw last year.

Let’s hope that leads to more excitement this afternoon.

Away we go with the formation lap, with the cars a bit slow off the mark.

13:59 , George Flood

A reminder of today’s starting grid before we get underway...

13:52 , George Flood

That was quite a powerful rendition!

Less than 10 minutes until we’re underway.

It’s very cloudy and overcast at the Circuit Zandvoort.

What chances of some rain I wonder...

13:46 , George Flood

Meanwhile, Christian Horner is targeting a clean start from Verstappen and then a close monitoring of the tyres.

He believes Ferrari will end up splitting strategies!

Horner also said the best form of defence is attack for Max while denying rumours that Red Bull are set to bring on a lighter chassis for future races.

Meanwhile, both Horner and Perez said the power unit change was purely precautionary after he smacked into a kerb during qualifying.

It’s time for the Dutch national anthem as the atmosphere continues to build nicely at a sold-out Circuit Zandvoort.


13:41 , George Flood

The drivers and team principals can barely hear themselves speak down on the pitlane, such is the atmosphere and blaring music pre-race.

Mattia Binotto has just confirmed that Ferrari cannot split strategies today in a bid to haul in Verstappen because of the threat of Hamilton and Mercedes behind.

It sounds like the Prancing Horses are going to be more on the defensive rather than pushing for an attack, which is disappointing.

13:38 , George Flood

Like Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll also changed his whole power unit for old components after qualifying yesterday.

No penalties for either driver, with Stroll rounding off the top 10 for Aston Martin.


13:30 , George Flood

The Orange Army are quite a sight as they pack out the grandstands once again at the Circuit Zandvoort.

Hopefully everyone is on their best behaviour and we have a brilliant, lively atmosphere not spoiled by a minority of idiots.

Security were expected to ramp up searches for flares this afternoon.

13:24 , George Flood

Something has just flown off the top of Hamilton’s car with the pit lane open and the cars out on track.

How has nobody spotted that?! It looked like a fuel sticker or something.

We should mention as well that Perez has taken on old engine components this afternoon, not sure if that’s related to his spin in Q3 yesterday.

He’s already got his work cut out, let’s see if that has a big impact on his pace.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Ricciardo: That fire in my gut is still there

13:18 , George Flood

The other headline news in F1 this week relates to McLaren winning their legal battle with Alpine over Oscar Piastri.

The 21-year-old WILL be replacing fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo next season after all, lining up alongside Lando Norris in papaya orange.

Ricciardo - whose final contract year was bought out by the team - is fighting for his F1 future and starts 17th on the grid today after being eliminated in Q1, a bitter blow after he was in the top 10 during practice.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the 12-season veteran, with Jenson Button among those urging him to join Williams as a potential replacement for Nicolas Latifi.

'It’s a shame that … I haven’t been able to show my true self often enough in the last 18 months,” Ricciardo said this week.

“Winning is fun. Winning makes me happy ... that fire in my gut is still there. It hasn’t gone away.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Alonso sorry for Hamilton outburst

13:05 , George Flood

One of the headlines from Spa last weekend was of course the first-lap collision between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard responded to being turned in on by calling his old rival an “idiot” who “only knows how to drive and start in first".

Hamilton said he would have apologised for an incident that was his fault and saw his car flipped into the air until he heard those comments, stating that it was “nice to know how he feels about me”.

However, Alonso has since said sorry for his outburst and reconciled with the Briton. Alonso was Hamilton’s first team-mate in the sport at McLaren in 2007, but their relationship badly deteriorated.

“When you say something - and I’m sorry to repeat this - against a British driver, there is a huge media involvement after that,” said Alonso this week.

“If you say something to a Latin driver, everything’s a little bit more fun. But when you say something to others, it’s a little bit more serious.

“But yes, I apologise. I was not thinking what I said.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

12:50 , George Flood

A typically adoring reception from the Orange Army for Verstappen during today’s drivers parade.

He’s even been out there with a t-shirt cannon...


Wolff: ‘Total idiots’ throwing flares could kill someone

12:40 , George Flood

Qualifying yesterday was sadly marred by two flare incidents at a jam-packed Circuit Zandvoort, one thrown onto the track that caused a six-minute red flag at the beginning of Q2.

Another was thrown at the start of Q3, but thankfully it rolled off safely and only led to a quicker yellow flag.

Such behaviour was widely denounced by the drivers, with Verstappen and Leclerc both slamming it as “stupid” and “dangerous”.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff warned that a driver could be killed if it isn’t stamped out.

“It’s a shame there are a few total idiots out there who don’t consider what a flare can do to a driver,” he said. “If such a can hits you, it can have lethal consequences. The halo wouldn’t help you in that.

“We looked at the camera angles and Lewis was going through the pit lane. I don’t know if somebody threw it at him, but it happened before he actually was at that point. I hope the organisers have a grip on it.”

Hopefully we’ll have no such incidents this afternoon.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Hamilton happy Mercedes is ‘feeling alive'

12:28 , George Flood

Despite Verstappen’s overall dominance and the difficulty overtaking at the Circuit Zandvoort, the competitiveness of the three leading teams should at least give some hope of an exciting race today.

Lewis Hamilton could have snatched pole himself yesterday, were he and Mercedes team-mate George Russell not denied their final runs in Q3 as a result of the yellow flags waved after Sergio Perez’s spin that left Checo down in fifth.

The seven-time world champion is P4 today ahead of Perez and will be eyeing a podium finish, with Russell P6 after a bit of a frustrating Saturday.

Could Lewis take advantage of the Ferraris battling away with Verstappen and no Perez as protection?

“I generally feel good,” Hamilton said. “I’m really happy that the car has finally felt alive this weekend. And… only being a tenth behind a Red Bull was a great feeling and really gave me a lot of hope that I could fight for the front row, but then obviously the yellow flag at the end was a bit unfortunate, but that’s motor racing.

“We’ve closed the gap somehow on [a single] lap. I can’t really understand why but anyways. But I am hoping that that means we are closer and even closer in the race and if we are that would be fantastic. If we can fight these guys and have a battle with these three ahead of me, that would be an amazing experience.”


Leclerc and Sainz work together in bid to beat Verstappen

12:16 , George Flood

So Charles Leclerc is second on the grid this afternoon after another frustrating weekend for Ferrari at Spa in which he recovered from more issues to finish fifth, only to be demoted another place for speeding in the pit lane.

Slipping to third behind Sergio Perez in the standings has to be so galling for the Monegasque driver given his start to the season and the apparent promise of another thrilling title race.

Leclerc led a Ferrari one-two in practice on Friday and was then pipped by Verstappen to pole by just two hundredths of a second yesterday.

The oft-criticised Scuderia could implement split strategies in today’s race, with Leclerc and Carlos Sainz working together to try and foil the champion.

“It’s a track where it’s very difficult to overtake,” said Leclerc.

“I hope that we will be as close as we were today, and hopefully we can play a little bit with Carlos and I to put Max under pressure.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Can anyone stop Max Verstappen?

12:04 , George Flood

So as with most Formula One races these days, the big question today is how to stop a certain Max Verstappen.

The weekend did not begin well for Red Bull’s reigning world champion, who was hampered in practice on Friday by gearbox issues with his RB18.

However, he quickly shrugged off those problems to pip Charles Leclerc to pole by 0.021s with a brilliant final lap in an eventful qualifying session yesterday.

It is the 17th pole of Verstappen’s career as he searches for his 10th win in 15 races this season, with more than 100,000 adoring Orange Army fanatics packed into the grandstands across the weekend.

The 24-year-old, who easily breezed through the field from 14th to win in Belgium last time out, is already 93 points clear of nearest rival and team-mate Sergio Perez in the drivers’ standings with only eight races left in 2022, while Charles Leclerc is a further five back after another afternoon to forget at Spa.

Verstappen’s first F1 title defence is becoming an absolute procession in a year that we were promised much more competitive racing.


Weather update

11:55 , George Flood

We’re in for a cloudy and overcast afternoon in the dunes north of the northern Dutch beach resort of Zandvoort.

It is expected to be fairly cloudy all day, with the occasional bright spell breaking through.

The chance of rain was listed at around 20 per cent, so we’ll see if it threatens to make an appearance at any point during the course of the race.

Dutch Grand Prix starting grid

11:52 , George Flood

1. Max Verstappen

2. Charles Leclerc

3. Carlos Sainz

4. Lewis Hamilton

5. Sergio Perez

6. George Russell

7. Lando Norris

8. Mick Schumacher

9. Yuki Tsunoda

10. Lance Stroll

11. Pierre Gasly

12. Esteban Ocon

13. Fernando Alonso

14. Guanyu Zhou

15. Alex Albon

16. Valtteri Bottas

17. Daniel Ricciardo

18. Kevin Magnussen

19. Sebastian Vettel

20. Nicholas Latifi

How to watch Dutch Grand Prix

11:50 , George Flood

TV channel: In the UK, today’s race will be shown LIVE on Sky Sports F1.

Coverage of Grand Prix Sunday starts at 12:30pm, with the race programme beginning at 1:55pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also stream the action live online via the SkyGo app.

Welcome to Dutch Grand Prix LIVE coverage!

10:52 , George Flood

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix.

The Circuit Zandvoort is sold out as Max Verstappen sits on pole for his first home GP as champion, looking to take another huge step towards a successful title defence.

It’s lights out at 2pm BST. Stick with us for all the build-up and live race updates.

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