F1 LIVE! Italian Grand Prix race reaction and updates as Max Verstappen wins in Monza

F1 LIVE! Italian Grand Prix race reaction and updates as Max Verstappen wins in Monza

F1 Italian Grand Prix LIVE!

Today’s Formula One race promises to be another thrilling affair with Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari on pole position in front of yet another mixed-up grid. While engine penalties continue to cause havoc in the paddock, the ultimate upshot is an intriguing 53 laps ahead.

In Saturday’s qualifying, Leclerc edged F1 championship leader Max Verstappen before the Red Bull driver took a five-placed penalty for new power unit components. That means George Russell lines up in second ahead of the McLaren pair of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, who famously won the race at Monza last year.

Ferarri’s Carlos Sainz and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton have taken penalties to start at the back of the grid while Williams driver Alex Albon sits out the weekend after coming down with appendicitis. Follow all the latest news and updates from the Italian Grand Prix with our live blog below!

F1 Italian Grand Prix updates

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  • LIGHTS OUT! Leclerc leads into Turn 1

  • Virtual safety car! Vettel pulls over

  • Safety car! Ricciardo retires

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Verstappen wins!

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15:44 , Marc Mayo

A bit of a break for F1 now with the Russian Grand Prix cancelled, we’ll be back in Singapore in a few weeks’s time.

Recap the action at Monza with our race report!


15:38 , Marc Mayo

The drivers step out onto the podium, above a sea of tifosi and red flares.

Russell up next

15:33 , Marc Mayo

“We had to do something a bit different to fight Max and Charles but they were too quick for us today.”

Leclerc gives his reaction

15:32 , Marc Mayo

“The end was frustrating but unfortunately we were second, it’s a shame but I gave it all. I wish I could have won in front of the amazing tifosi but I couldn’t today.”

Up first is the race winner

15:31 , Marc Mayo

“We had a great race, under every compound we were quickest. Unfortunately we didn’t get a [safety car] restart but overall a really good day. The start was very good, it was really good on the tyres, really enjoyable. It took a bit of time to be on a great podium like this but finally we’ve done it.”

15:27 , Marc Mayo

A ninth place finish on debut for Nyck de Vries in the Williams! Superb.

“My shoulders are dead!” he laughs on team radio.


15:24 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen wins!

15:21 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari tell Leclerc the race will finish under the safety car.

15:21 , Marc Mayo

Lap 52/53: Hard to argue with seeing this race out under the safety car.

A red flag to clear the track and set up a fun finish would be far-too-Abu-Dhabi-2021-y.

15:18 , Marc Mayo

We have a tractor on track to haul up Ricciardo’s car and carry it off but they have to wait for the safety car and the entire pack to pass by first.

15:16 , Marc Mayo

Lap 50/53: That stranded McLaren has gone nowhere fast.

It feels difficult to see how we get anymore racing today...

15:14 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen, Leclerc, Russell and Sainz all pit.

Nine cars will have to unlap themselves before we restart - and there is not long left...

15:11 , Marc Mayo

Lap 48/53: Pit crews at the ready and... safety car is called!

15:11 , Marc Mayo

Ricciardo pulls over!

Will we need a safety car?!

15:10 , Marc Mayo

Lap 46/53: Verstappen’s lead is down to a hardly nerve-shattering 16.9 seconds.

Looking across the pack, Sainz is nine off Russell for the final podium spot and will hope for a late lunge, with only really Perez (four seconds off Norris in sixth) looking likely to push for some late action.

The big fight is for ninth: Gasly, De Vries, Zhou and Ocon all within a couple of seconds.

15:05 , Marc Mayo

Red Bull look to be ready for a pit stop... Perez drops in for Softs as the last ten laps begin.

That drops the Mexican from fifth to seventh, Hamilton and Norris coming through.

Meanwhile, was this the move of the day?

15:02 , Marc Mayo

Lap 41/53: Stroll becomes the third driver, and the second Aston Martin, to retire the race as he limps into the pits.

14:59 , Marc Mayo

A fastest lap for Leclerc shaves his disadvantage down to 19.2 seconds. A long, long way up the road is Verstappen.

14:58 , Marc Mayo

Lap 37/63: Next time around, Hamilton and Norris get Ricciardo and Gasly respectively. Soon after, Norris gets his teammate for seventh.

Behind them, De Vries in the Williams hoping for a first-ever F1 point in his first-ever F1 race. Zhou is on his tail.

14:56 , Marc Mayo

A slow stop for Norris as the McLaren finally pits, he comes out right amongst Ricciardo’s fight with Gasly for sixth...

The McLaren and AlphaTauri scrap into the chicance... but then comes through Hamilton! A sterling move by the Brit grabs him seventh place.

14:54 , Marc Mayo

Lap 36/63: Leclerc is on the quicker, fresher tyre but has to make up over a second per lap - at least - to win this race.

The mightiest of mighty jobs.


14:52 , Marc Mayo

A big cheer from the tifosi as Sainz overtakes Perez.

And Leclerc pits! Softs go on, Verstappen takes the lead, and 2.6 seconds later he departs to restart his race in second and comfortably ahead of Russell.

14:50 , Marc Mayo

Lap 33/53: So, 20 laps to go and the gap is just 6.3 seconds between Leclerc and Verstappen. The Red Bull will have ample time to catch and overtake the Ferrari.

Bad times for Alpine meanwhile, Alonso ends his race by pulling into the garage with an issue.

14:48 , Marc Mayo

Indeed, it is the Soft tyre favoured for Sainz to finish the race on - he returns to the track eighth and just behind Perez.

14:47 , Marc Mayo

Lap 30/53: Sainz still sits third and wants a final run on the Softs, Russell sat behind him hardly delighted with the Hard tyre.

We could be set for a thrilling run to the finish as diverging strategies collide...

14:40 , Marc Mayo

Into the pits comes Verstappen with Mediums strapped on for the final 27 laps.

The gap is ten seconds between the leaders.

14:37 , Marc Mayo

Lap 24/53: Russell pits for Hards to see out the race, he comes out behind Sainz but ahead of Norris - de facto third place.

Still plenty of cars yet to stop, Perez is not among them however and he rises to eighth as his day continues to get just a little bit better.

14:37 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen’s lead sits at 14 seconds over Leclerc as we approach half distance, the Red Bull yet to stop for tyres.

Russell, likewise on Softs, is four seconds ahead of Leclerc.

Ferrari could do with Sainz clawing back time on his old Medium tyres in fourth, but should Verstappen pit now he will come out ahead of the Spaniard.

14:33 , Marc Mayo

Lap 21/53: Ricciardo pits from fifth to hold onto his lead over Gasly, a slow stop from AlphaTauri helping McLaren towards a good day.

Norris should come in soon having inherited that spot, while De Vries continues to chug along very nicely as he stops for Hards.

14:31 , Marc Mayo

Gasly, Zhou and Stroll all head into the pits to swap Mediums for Hards - only emphasising the job Leclerc has on to prolong this stint.

14:30 , Marc Mayo

Lap 19/53: A fastest lap from Leclerc keeps him ahead of Verstappen in real terms, the Red Bull happily motoring along on the tyres he began the race on.

Hamilton is finally clawing his way towards the points, in 11th place, while Magnussen in 17th is handed a five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

14:23 , Marc Mayo

Sainz on the charge!

The Ferrari goes fourth to join Leclerc in hunting down both Verstappen and Russell.

The gap between the title rivals is 16 seconds, with 24 lost for a pit stop. The game may now be focused on Leclerc massaging these tyres through a long stint to the finish.

14:21 , Marc Mayo

Lap 13/53: Leclerc pits but Verstappen stays out and the flag goes green!

Medium tyres go on and the Ferrari comes out third, Russell also carrying on.

Virtual safety car!

14:21 , Marc Mayo

Just as the pack, which DRS has kept surprisingly close together, had already passed the pits...

14:19 , Marc Mayo

Lap 12/53: Big problems for Vettel? A puff of smoke flies out the rear and he reports a loss of power.

And he pulls over at the side of the road!

14:18 , Marc Mayo

A more enjoyable afternoon for the second Ferrari than the second Red Bull, which is carrying on for now, as Sainz jumps Alonso to go seventh.

Ricciardo, Gasly and Norris hold fourth to sixth right now. They may be ripe for the picking.

14:15 , Marc Mayo

Lap 9/53: Indeed, Red Bull team radio tell Verstappen to reduce power and recharge his batteries as another fastest lap is clocked.

Perez pits for Hards. A very smoky front right is not exactly calming down as he continues along...

14:12 , Marc Mayo

Just over two seconds between Leclerc and Verstappen right now, is the Red Bull just sitting back and building energy for another jolt forward?

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

14:09 , Marc Mayo

Lap 5/53: Fastest laps from Verstappen has him just under a second off Russell with DRS now engaged.

This may be light work for the Dutchman... And into the first chicane he cruises on through!

Further back, De Vries has held his Williams in eighth place with Hamilton down in 18th.

14:07 , Marc Mayo

“He just pushed me wide,” Russell claims after that first turn dive on Leclerc went wrong. Sorry, George. No dice.

14:06 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen on the charge!

Already, the championship leader is into third place...

Sainz has gained three places but Perez has lost three to drop to 14th! Hamilton stuck near the back still.


14:04 , Marc Mayo

Russell charges down Leclerc’s inside but is squeezed and has to cede the fight for first!

Ricciardo starts well into third but Norris is going backwards...

Formation lap begins

14:01 , Marc Mayo

Blazing sunshine in northern Italy for the race with Leclerc and Russell on Softs, followed by Norris, Ricciardo and Gasly on Medium tyres.

Five minute warning!

13:57 , Marc Mayo

The Italian Grand Prix is coming up...

Tyre strategy!

13:51 , Marc Mayo

It looks like a one-stopper is the top plan with around 24 seconds of time lost to a pit stop.

13:44 , Marc Mayo

A very well-observed minute’s silence at Monza ahead of the Italian national anthem.

13:42 , Marc Mayo

Telling from Red Bull team principal Christian Horner on the grid: “We don’t need to win this race, we just need to take decent points out of it.”

Coming up is the minute’s silence for Queen Elizabeth II...

Surprise talk of Verstappen’s future

13:40 , Marc Mayo

Red Bull boss Helmut Marko has claimed that Max Verstappen could walk away from F1 “sooner than we all think”.

“We want to win more titles together,” he told Germany’s Sport1. “But I doubt if we will see Max drive until he has broken all records.

“He could make it, but he’s also the type of person who packs his things and leaves when he no longer feels like it.

“No matter how much you offer him, he won’t stay. And that could happen sooner than we all think.”

Leclerc ready for the fight

13:34 , Marc Mayo

It will be a clash of styles today with Red Bull adding more downforce to their car, in an unusual move at Monza, but Charles Leclerc believes Ferrari have the right setup to win.

“Today is good but now we need to repeat it tomorrow,” he said. “Tomorrow is critical, but today the feeling [of the car] is really good. We just need to put everything together and do no mistakes.

“Honestly, I am quite confident that we have got a very good race pace.

“They have got a different configuration and higher downforce but I am quite confident we can make this work.”

Still confused by how the grid worked out? This may help...

13:27 , Marc Mayo

To the grid!

13:21 , Marc Mayo

The pit lane is open as Charles Leclerc and Co make their way around the Monza circuit for the first time today, ahead of forming up on the grid.

Verstappen confident of race win

13:20 , Marc Mayo

Swooping to victory from further down the grid has been light work for Max Verstappen this year, and another run to first from seventh on the grid is on his agenda today.

“You could see already the whole weekend [Ferrari] were very competitive and Spa could have been a bit of a fluke, especially for other teams,” he said.

“I think our car was good again, we chose to run a little more downforce than other teams.

“Maybe over one lap it isn't the right strategy but I always felt really comfortable on the long runs so I am hoping tomorrow when it is even warmer and tyre degradation comes into play that it will be a good one for us.”

Minute's silence planned before today’s race

13:14 , Marc Mayo

The return of Raikkonen!

13:07 , Marc Mayo

Lots of celebs about in the paddock today... Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Roberto Mancini, Hugh Grant, Gordon Ramsay (always Gordon Ramsay).

And lovely Kimi Raikkonen.

The Seb Vettel farewell tour continues today

13:01 , Marc Mayo

At the scene of his first-ever victory, in a Toro Rosso no less, he starts 11th.

De Vries admits to pessimism over F1 chance

12:55 , Marc Mayo

Nyck de Vries fills in for the ill Alex Albon this weekend in the Williams and put his car eighth on the grid for today’s race, having qualified 13th quickest on Saturday.

But he spoke of his feelings towards ever getting this opportunity having spent most of the season as a reserve driver.

He said: “You spend so much time travelling and it never quite happens, so you almost lose the thought of actually expecting it could happen, and this was obviously not even before Friday, but very late on a Saturday, so it was very last minute.

“But maybe it was even good, because then you don't get a chance to think, and you've just got to get on with it.”

Trust the Italians to lay on some absolute classic cars for the drivers’ parade

12:47 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton keen to pass the time

12:40 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton is not optimistic of a successful race ahead of starting 19th in today’s grand prix.

A set of engine penalties has left the Mercedes driver pondering how best to entertain himself during the race, and he said: “I imagine I will be in a DRS train, sitting there and hoping for chances through strategy and tyre degradation from other drivers.

“I was thinking of taking my iPad with me in the race and, when I am in a DRS line, I will just watch Game of Thrones.”

Starting grid

12:31 , Marc Mayo

Engine penalties have wreaked havoc on the grid... once again!

How to watch

12:26 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: The race will be shown LIVE on Sky Sports’ dedicated F1 and Main Event channels. Coverage of Grand Prix Sunday starts at 1pm BST.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also stream the action live online via the SkyGo app.

Good afternoon!

12:23 , Marc Mayo

Welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of race day at the Italian Grand Prix!

After a fascinating qualifying session and a raft of engine penalties shaking up the grid, Charles Leclerc starts on pole in the Ferrari with Max Verstappen dropped into seventh place.

The action gets underway at 2pm BST from Monza.

Qualifying report

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:59 , Matt Verri

Charles Leclerc will start the Italian Grand Prix on pole after a brilliant final qualifying lap at Monza.

A number of grid penalties to other drivers meant that Leclerc looked almost certain to take pole regardless of his performance in Q3, but he went fastest anyway by more than a tenth to lay down a marker ahead of Sunday’s race.

Championship leader Max Verstappen was second fastest but will move down the field after his five-place grid penalty, meaning George Russell, who was sixth in qualifying, starts on the front row alongside Leclerc.

It is likely the Dutchman will start in fourth, despite that five-place penalty, though it it yet to be confirmed.

That’s because Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton qualified third, fourth and fifth respectively, but the trio also face grid penalties. Hamilton will start at the back of the field alongside Yuki Tsunoda after taking on his fourth engine of the season.

Read the full story

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Huge cheers!

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:45 , Matt Verri

Sainz’s post-qualifying thoughts...

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:31 , Matt Verri

“It hurts starting from the back tomorrow especially with how competitive the car is this weekend and how good I’m feeling on the car especially after this qualifying.

“And to know I will be starting from the back I will do my best and try to put on a good show.”

Hamilton reacts to qualifying

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:23 , Matt Verri

“It was an OK session, wasn’t my best. Today we were naturally off the pace, but fifth was the best I could do.

“I’m losing two tenths in the last sector, as a competitor I know I need to work out those last two corners. I’m generally happy with it, didn’t mess up too much.

“It’s going to be tough tomorrow, because the DRS doesn’t make much of a difference. It could be a frustrating today but I’ll try to stay positive going into it.”

Horner on Verstappen penalty

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:17 , Matt Verri

“We have got a good race car, hopefully we can make progress from there.”

Christian Horner admits it won’t be as easy for Max Verstappen tomorrow to overtake as he seemingly found it in Spa, but believes Red Bull are still capable of challenging for the race win.

Reminder of those grid penalties

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:13 , Matt Verri

There are quite a few!

Leclerc reacts to taking pole

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:09 , Matt Verri

“It was not an easy qualifying even though I knew there was a lot of potential in the car... the feeling with the car is amazing and I hope we can do just like 2019.”

Full times...

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:06 , Matt Verri

Q3 results

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:04 , Matt Verri

Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Perez, Hamilton, Russell, Norris, Ricciardo, Gasly, Alonso.

That’s how it finished in Q3.

Charles Leclerc takes pole!

Saturday 10 September 2022 16:01 , Matt Verri

Sainz first to cross the line - 1:20.4 as he goes even faster. But that’s sensational from Leclerc, 1:20.1!

That’ll do the job.

Verstappen into second, brilliant from him too. Still more than a tenth down. Leclerc on pole.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:59 , Matt Verri

1 min: Out laps pretty much done - serious business about to begin.

Can Verstappen make up that gap to the Ferraris?

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:57 , Matt Verri

3 mins: Alonso felt no grip and so abandoned his lap, coming into the pits instead ahead of one final run.

Brief pause before the cards come back out again. As it stands, Russell will be on the front row with Leclerc once those penalties are applied.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:56 , Matt Verri

4 mins: Work for Verstappen to do then - if he finishes third, he’ll start the race tomorrow eighth on the grid.

Sainz fastest as it stands, but he’ll be starting at the back of the grid. No time posted by Alonso.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:54 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Leclerc first across the line, 1:20.7. Sainz immediately beats that by just under two tenths.

Verstappen next... third and three tenths down. Perez fourth, Russell fifth, Norris sixth, Hamilton seventh.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:52 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Would have thought Sainz’s sole job would have been to slipstream Leclerc, but he’s currently behind his team-mate. Slightly strange from Ferrari - again.

Well he’s going it solo, is Leclerc. Soon find out how wise that is.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:51 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Leclerc really just has to beat Russell and that should be pole position secured, considering everyone else around him has a penalty.

Cars finally out on track for their first runs in Q3.

Q3 underway

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:48 , Matt Verri

We’re up and running in Q3. With all the grid penalties in place, there will still be plenty to work out after these 12 minutes.

Times in full for Q2

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:45 , Matt Verri

Q2 results

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:43 , Matt Verri

Knocked out: Ocon, Bottas, De Vries, Zhou and Tsunoda not making it through to Q3.

Sainz, Leclerc, Verstappen and Perez the top four in Q2, ahead of Hamilton and Russell. McLaren will be happy to get both of their drivers through, with Gasly also just about in.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:41 , Matt Verri

Bottas currently in 11th - stays there. He’s out. As is Zhou who can’t improve.

Gasly remains eighth, Norris moves up into seven and he’ll be fine. Ricciardo just behind him, with Alonso in ninth.

Ocon crosses the line... not into Q3.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:40 , Matt Verri

Sainz, Leclerc, Verstappen and Perez the top four and they’re not coming back out. Every other car is on track.

De Vries loses control of his lap, locked up and that will be that for his hopes of moving on.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:39 , Matt Verri

1 min: Here we go - it’s about to get very hectic.

Except for Tsunoda, he’s out of his car. Starting at the back of the grid with his penalties - he’ll now be at the very back.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:36 , Matt Verri

4 mins: Everybody back in the pits, waiting for the final run of Q2.

Currently it’s Bottas, De Vries, Zhou, Ricciardo and Tsunoda going out. Still no lap posted from Tsunoda.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:34 , Matt Verri

6 mins: Here comes Leclerc, can he match his team-mate? Not quite. That’s 0.330s down on Sainz. Still good enough to take him into second.

Advantage Ferrari, who are on used tyres too.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:32 , Matt Verri

8 mins: Sainz fastest with a 1:20.8, nearly four tenths up on Verstappen. Impressive from the Spaniard.

Leclerc having to wait for his first time, after making a bit of a mess of his opening lap. Skipped a corner.

Verstappen in second, Perez third and the Mercedes pair in fourth and fifth.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:30 , Matt Verri

10 mins: Zhou: “Everybody is so slow, man.” Not impressed with the traffic in front of him.

Track very busy at the moment. Verstappen leading the way, he’ll be the first to post a time in Q2.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:28 , Matt Verri

12 mins: Well not a huge amount to report - nothing in fact. Nobody in any particular rush.

This is a bit more like it. Red Bull cars are out on track, swiftly followed by a number of others. Ferrari duo at the rear.

Underway in Q2

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:26 , Matt Verri

Here we go then - 15 minutes of Q2 up and running.

McLaren duo facing a battle to get through to Q, while De Vries has already exceeded expectations. What can he do here?

Time to find out.

Full standings...

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:24 , Matt Verri

Really impressive from De Vries

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:23 , Matt Verri

Q1 results

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:21 , Matt Verri

Bottom five: Latifi, Vettel, Stroll, Magnussen, Schumacher.

Those drivers will not be moving into Q2. At the top of the timesheet, Verstappen leads the way ahead of Leclerc, Sainz, Perez and Russell.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:19 , Matt Verri

Hamilton across the line, into ninth. Ricciardo gets himself out of trouble and into 12th, he’ll move into Q2.

Latifi is out for Williams - he’s been beaten by De Vries!

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:18 , Matt Verri

Vettel needs something really good here if he’s to extend his afternoon - up to 14th for now. Unlikely to be enough.

And it isn’t, Bottas quickly bumps him down. Gasly up into seventh, while De Vries gets himself up into the top 12 in his first qualifying session.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:16 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Schumacher and Magnussen both cross the line, needing to improve. Magnussen up to 11th, Schumacher still down in 19th.

Or not - that lap has been deleted for Magnussen, he’s back in trouble.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:14 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Magnussen, Bottas, Stroll, Schumacher and Vettel the five currently in danger of dropping out.

Verstappen has gone fastest with a 1:20.9, set the new mark. Leclerc a few tenths down on that after his first lap.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:11 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Ricciardo down in 13th after his first lap, almost two seconds off Leclerc. Will surely improve on that here - not a huge amount. 1.4s down and stays where he is.

Perez moves into the top three, 0.2s off Leclerc.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:09 , Matt Verri

9 mins: So it’s Leclerc, Sainz, Russell, Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Hamilton, Tsunoda, Latifi and De Vries as the top ten after the initial runs.

No sign of the Alpine cars posting a lap time yet.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:08 , Matt Verri

10 mins: Verstappen across the line and posts a time of 1:22.023. Few hundredths quicker than his team-mate Perez.

De Vries into fifth on his first qualifying lap, really good effort. Now for the Ferraris...

Sainz 1:21.3, fastest by a margin. Until Leclerc then beats that by 0.68s. Russell goes third quickest, Hamilton in seventh.

Saturday 10 September 2022 15:05 , Matt Verri

13 mins: Track starting to get busy now. Really good opening lap from Tsunoda, 1:22.7 and that’s almost half a second quicker than anyone else has gone so far.

Ferrari out of the pitlane, huge cheers from the stands. No pressure.

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